Volunteer NH Calls on Congress to Stop Trump’s AmeriCorps Cut

Volunteer New Hampshire is calling on its members and supporters to fight a proposal to cut the AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs from the federal budget.

The Concord, N.H.-based nonprofit reports the programs are on a list of agencies to be cut in the forthcoming federal budget. The group was among those who participated in a Congressional Call Day Wednesday, asking Congress to protect and fully pay for the programs.

“AmeriCorps and Senior Corps Programs work tirelessly to provide much needed services to organizations, and to allow U.S. Citizens of all ages to serve their communities,” Volunteer NH said.

The group pointed to reports the Donald Trump administration plans to cut AmeriCorps along with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Legal Services Corporation and National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities.

Volunteer NH is also urging supporters to email members of Congress. For contact information, visit congress.gov/contact-us.

5 thoughts on “Volunteer NH Calls on Congress to Stop Trump’s AmeriCorps Cut

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    When worthwhile, meaningful organizations like AmeriCorps are seeing their funding cut all across this country the people working so hard in these programs should be championing President Trumps efforts to get illegals out of this country. The priorities in this country have been upside down for the past 8 years. Thankfully, we now have a leader who is dedicated to the best interests of Americans.

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