Tsongas Addresses Haverhill Residents at Town Hall-Style Meeting

More than 70 residents turned out for town hall-style meeting with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas Tuesday night in Haverhill.

The meeting was organized at Northfields Clubhouse by Demet Haksever and Chere Bemelmans. Attendees asked about President Donald Trump’s policies, raised concerns and asked questions.

7 thoughts on “Tsongas Addresses Haverhill Residents at Town Hall-Style Meeting

  1. When my fellow GOP members meet at Trump’s clubhouse it irritates me, just as this visit irritates you folks.

    But, I will say this, even though I don’t care for the congresswoman, at least she’s not in bed with the Russians. I fear the backlash our party is sure to face in the mid-terms because we elected a traitor and anti-semite.

    We have to ask ourselves, ” how would we react if Hillarys top aides were so cozy with the enemy?” We would go bat sit crazy! Remember, Generals Dunford and McMaster have both stated that Russia is the world’s #1 threat.

    Where are the Patriots in the GOP? Reagan is rolling in his grave. Shameful days for my party…the party of Lincoln.

    • Jimmy Taxman….you’re the master for Fake News when it comes to Trump.

      How come you didn’t mention Hillary and her Russian Reset Button fiasco?
      How about Hillary selling US uranium rights to a Russian shell company?
      How about Bill Clinton getting paid a couple of hundred grand to give a speech in the Kremlin with Putin present?
      How about Hillary being contacted by China in advance of the election?

      With each post you make here the level of your stupidity is being put on display for all to see.

  2. If it was really a town hall meeting why wasn’t it advertised appropriately? Because it wasn’t a town hall meeting it was town hall style without the townspeople! So ridiculous! Why is this news? She wasn’t here for the tax payers questions but I’m sure it’s a right off for her anyway.

  3. North fields clubhouse, isn’t that a private clubhouse for residents only?
    Not a town hall mtg more like an invite only at the “posh” neighborhood clubhouse

  4. I’m sure it was difficult for CONgress Member Tsongas, filling a room of supporters and sycophants, which is the ONLY kind of town hall format she would ever do. I’m sure lots of insightful and hard questions were thrown her way, like the pre-screened bogus calls she takes on her “phone town halls”. Such a fraud and a coward, but she gets away with it being in insular and gerrymandered Massachusetts.