Haverhill Democrats Vote to ‘Condemn’ Trump Immigration Order

One of the judges hearing the matter in California is Judge Richard R. Clifton, appointed by former President George W. Bush.

Haverhill Democratic City Committee members voted Monday to strongly condemn President Donald Trump’s executive order, which the committee says, amounts to a ban on Muslims.

A panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is hearing a challenge against the order and heard the administration’s arguments Tuesday.

“The Haverhill Democratic City Committee joins with many elected representatives, the acting attorney-general, the courts and citizens throughout this nation in rejecting the Trump administration’s immigration ban targeting Muslims. Religious screening, or giving priority to Christian refugees and excluding others, is unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal,” Haverhill Democratic leaders said in a statement.

“No citizen from a banned country has caused terrorist action in the U.S. The ban detained refugees fleeing war, green card holders returning to homes and jobs in the U.S., valid visa holders, and women and children who present no threat to our safety. They have been extensively vetted. The incident in New York that precipitated court action involved Hameed Khalid Darweesh, who, in addition to having legal status, served as a translator for American troops. He said after his release ‘America is the greatest nation,” the statement continued.

The committee also quoted a statement by Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham: “We fear this executive order may do more to help terrorist recruitment than improve our security.”

“This ban is a moral test, and all those opposed should speak out. In this spirit, we strongly condemn the Trump immigration ban,” Haverhill Democratic City Committee members said.

12 thoughts on “Haverhill Democrats Vote to ‘Condemn’ Trump Immigration Order

  1. A brave move by the Democratic City committee. It is never okay to wipe your backside with the Constitution because you happen to be afraid of people who don’t look like you or don’t know the first thing about counter-terrorism .

    Americans need to stop acting like a bunch of scared children. It’s very Unbecoming. And allows you to be fooled by lunatics.

    ASSIMILATION IS COUNTERTERRORISM. And don’t take my word for it this comes from America’s leading National Security and Military experts.

    But , I AGREE WITH the other side ; they have a right to have a conversation- without being marginalize by political correctness -about the concerns of assimilation. These conversations and revisiting these policies is crucial to having lawful, effective policy.

  2. I thank the mayor and city council for making their statement. on the Trump travel ban , which I feel is necessary when the trump administration acts against our treasured values.

    The President may have executive powers, but they are subject to judicial review and legislative action according to the constitution. Under the original order, people with green cards who were returning to their families , schools, and jobs were stopped. The action in New York involved an Iraqi who fought alongside American troops. Vetting policies for refugees were already in place. Furthermore the countries included had no terrorist action in U.S., while some countries not on the list did. So you have to wonder about the motivation. Also remember, everyone in America except Native Americans had a relative who was once an “alien,” a term used by a Trump supporter at Facebook. That is what America is all about.

  3. By the very definition, refugees are fleeing an intolerable situation: war, climate disaster, persecution. They are teachers, doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, children — people just like us living through hellish situations we can only imagine. They are vetted for two years before being granted entry to our country. The US already takes far fewer refugees than other developed countries, and to ban refugees from any country is cruel and goes against everything this country stands for. As one of the Haverhill Democrats who voted in favor of releasing this statement, I am proud to stand with our city council, our mayor, our attorney general, and our elected representatives in speaking out against and condemning this ban.

    • As usual, facts have no bearing on reality in the minds of liberal democrats more interested in pushing an agenda over protecting Americans.

      Vetting? Is that suppose to be a joke? EVERY single time there has been a terrorist attack in this country by radicalized extremist Muslims law enforcement officials have known who the terrorists were ahead of the attacks. When Russia alerted the USA about Tamerlan Tsarneav having links to militant Muslim extremists and the FBI interrogated him several times it did nothing to keep him from blowing up bombs on the streets of Boston just 35 miles away.

      Last September under 0bama’s incompetent administration over 850 Syrian refugees were “mistakenly” given citizenship in this country when they falsified documentation to gain access to this country. That is just one instance of what a joke that vetting is.

      Worldwide intelligence agencies estimate that between 15~25% of Muslims are radical extremists committed to the destruction of western civilization. The main finding of the 9/11 Commission Report was that the USA was at war with radical Muslims and didn’t even know it. You liberal democrats now know this, but just don’t care about the safety of Americans.

      How many more Martin Richard’s have to be blown up before you liberals come to your senses?

  4. Wow ! I’ma scared ! I can see it now where this will have such an adverse effect on what the President does. Ya right. Just as it did when Republicans came out against Obama. Talk about self serving bull*#it to feel relevant. Seems like these folks need a safe zone for themselves and maybe a safety pin or two or three ! I want to know how many of these people are willing to take in a refugee or two into their house AND provide them the funds to survive in this country so American’s money is not being used ??? Anyone of you willing to do so ? If not then please don’t bore us with this garbage. Funny I remember in 2008 we were told “we won, you lost, so suck it up” and “elections have consequences “….can you say hypocrisy ?

    • To Donna and Dannyboy and all others who believe Democrats are your enemy: Look up Steve Bannon. Then you will be in anguish too. You are too focused on Democrats and are not paying attention to what is going on. Trump’s administration is busy taking away our rights — including yours. Is it really logical that only Trump speaks the truth and the entire rest of the world is lying? Let go of your fear. Think before it is too late. Because of Trump, China is preparing for war as is Iran. Is that really what you want?