Haverhill City Leadership Backs AG’s Suit Against Trump

Attorney General Maura Healey announcing her suit against President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions.

A majority of Haverhill’s elected leadership is backing Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s suit against President Donald Trump’s administration. Specifically, city officials signed a statement this week opposing Trump’s order restricting individuals from seven predominantly Muslim countries entering the United States.

Mayor James J. Fiorentini and seven out of nine city councilors signed the letter, pointing to the many immigrants who have shaped Haverhill’s own history. Councilors signing the letter are President John A. Michitson, Vice President Melinda E. Barrett, Andy Vargas, Joseph J. Bevilacqua, Colin F. LePage, Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and Thomas J. Sullivan. Last week, Healey became one of the first state attorneys general to file suit.

“The president’s executive order is a threat to our Constitution. Rather than protecting our national security, it stigmatizes those who would lawfully emigrate to our state. With this policy, our global universities, hospitals, businesses and start-ups, and far too many students and residents have been put at risk. On behalf of the Commonwealth, my office is challenging the immigration ban to hold this administration accountable for its un-American, discriminatory, and reckless decision-making,” Healey said.

The city letter is being sent to Healey, Gov. Charles Baker and members of the federal legislative delegation.

Here is the letter in its entirety.

Haverhill, like many other cities in the Merrimack Valley and the United States, was built on the labor and dreams of immigrants. We take great pride in this heritage.

Throughout history, immigrants have played an integral role in shaping the foundation of our city. Haverhill has also been and will continue to be home to people of all faiths. We believe it is important for us to reaffirm the fundamental values of hard work, opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.

With members of our federal delegation, we stand united in support of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s decision to challenge President Trump’s executive order on immigration. We echo the sentiments of Governor Charlie Baker in expressing opposition to this executive order. We feel this order is in contradiction with the most fundamental American values of freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness.

“Our government has a responsibility to defend our borders, but we must do so in a way that makes us safer and upholds all that is decent and exceptional about our nation.”

~ Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham

11 thoughts on “Haverhill City Leadership Backs AG’s Suit Against Trump

  1. I believe that we will find out soon enough that this issue is in the domain of the President and this lawsuit and others like it are a complete waste of time and money. Let’s look at an extreme example of what the President can do or rather what a President has done. Consider FDR and executive order 9066 signed by FDR clearing the way for the internment of Americans and non Americans of Japanese descent on the west coast. FDR was able to incarcerate Americans solely because they were of Japanese descent. 120,000 or so of them. More recently President Carter cancelled Iranian visas during the hostage crisis which severely limited Iranians coming into this country. I say severely because they did allow some based on extenuating circumstances. When everything is sorted out I am sure that it will be found that the President was well within his rights to issue any travel ban that he saw fit.

    • http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/big-list-of-muslim-terror-attacks-in-u-s-since-911

      You do realize the USA is at war, don’t you Lisa? This war isn’t being fought by a recognizable enemy according to Geneva Convention rules. This enemy is beheading people live on the internet for all the world to see, and running over crowds with 18 wheelers. This enemy is not like anything we have seen in human history and therefore requires drastically different tactics to defeat. The inaction and lack of leadership by 0bama the last 8 years has emboldened radical extremist Muslims, as the USA is seen as a weak enemy. Not taking every step possible to identify who they are, even to the point of stopping them from entering our homeland further perpetuates their correct labeling of weak liberal leaders more concerned with protecting an outdated ideology than protecting its people.

  2. I am very proud of our city, City Councillors and our Mayor supporting AG Maura Healey’s lawsuit against this divisive and unconstitutional immigration ban from the Muslim Countries. This ban has nothing to do with illegal immigration and it is not a democrat or republican issue. I am proud that Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker, who happens to be a Republican, also issued a statement supporting AG Healey’s suit against this ban: https://www.bostonglobe.com/…/y1j6U6mycl6lOk…/story.html

    Everyone, including our local leaders, who believe in the US constitution and freedom of religion should oppose this executive order. As Governor Charlie Baker said: “Massachusetts is a global community and we all benefit from the shared experiences of our partners from around the world to support our economy and educational institutions to make our state the best place to live, work and raise a family. The recent executive order puts this at risk, will not improve our security…” and “Governor Baker opposes applying religious tests to the refugee system and believes that focusing on countries’ predominant religions will not make the US any safer…”.The people who are immigrating or visiting US already go through a very strict vetting process and no American was ever harmed by a citizen of any of these 7 Muslim countries included in the ban. This ban insults millions of Muslims, 99.999% of whom totally reject terrorism. It will unfortunately reinforce the terrorists’ propaganda against US, will radicalize more people and in the end, will make us less safe.

  3. Thank you, City Councillors and Mayor, for joining our attorney general and elected representatives in speaking out against and condemning this ban. Our country was founded by people fleeing religious persecution. Would we be here today if those boats had been turned back; if the doors had been shut? Today’s refugees are teachers, doctors, lawyers, mothers, fathers, children — people just like us living through hellish situations we can only imagine. They are vetted for two years before being granted entry to our country. The US already takes far fewer refugees than other developed countries, and to ban refugees from any country is cruel and goes against everything this country stands for.

  4. I am proud to be a part of this city. Thank you for taking the right path. At the same time I feel very disheartened by the many people still living in this city who are so full of fear and anger that they persist is believing that only Trump is capable of telling the truth and that the rest of the planet must be lying. This is classic brainwashing, which is proven by the fact that they must continue to display their trump signs just like citizens of fascist countries which have their leaders portraits splayed everywhere. I would like the city to help these citizens, for they ae behaving exactly like the nazis, in terms of their illogical, uninformed and inhumane opinions.

  5. Not having Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and a variety of South/Central American countries (and Asian) not banned on the list of leaves a lot to be desired.

    The irony of course is the #Rapefugee problem is a direct result of the Drone-in-Chief Obama and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy destabilizing the entire region.

    Maybe someday when there’s peace on Earth and everyone can truly get along, sure, come on in, but until then, Invaders and Rapefugees like the one in Lowell that sexually assaulted the 13 year-old little girl must be kept out. Let’s fix our domestic problems first instead of IMPORTING new ones. The so-called immigration policy of the past is exactly that, the past. Jobs are not plentiful, assimilation is almost non-existent, and taxpayer/government support of the aforementioned ensures that almost none of it happens in the first place.

    Or maybe Americans can take it into their own hands? For every Rapefugee or Invader that sexually assaults, rapes, or murders and American, Americans get to hang any politician that supports letting them in or giving them sanctuary in these so-called sanctuary cities ? For any American child that is raped or murdered by an Invader or Rapefugee, ten politicians get to be hung from lampposts. Deal? Maybe until it’s one of their loved ones that is raped or murdered by Invaders they might take notice, or when their own life is on the line? If politicians believe in so much lawlessness, maybe we should return the favor?

    By the way, has a single politician supporting Invaders and Rapefugees in Haverhill actually spoken to the alleged rape victim from Haverhill Stadium or her family? Or has any politician in Haverhill actually checked the address of the alleged perpetrators where they lived that had multiple complaints from overcrowding from Invaders being allowed to live there? Or the EMPLOYER, the roofing company that employed the invaders? Or the sister of the would-be owner of the shell company that sold the property to her? You know, like an actual investigation of the complicity that allowed this CRIME by Invaders to happen in the first place?

    • You nailed it Duncan !!
      It is very well known at this point that the mayor and city councilors are pro-open border liberal democrats more interested in promoting an agenda than protecting the safety of Haverhill citizens. Their public support of criminal trespassers in this country and city illegally amounts to aiding and abetting criminal activity, which is a breach of their fiduciary duty. The next time someone is harmed in the city as a result of some trespassing invader the mayor and city councilors should be sued for malfeasance.

  6. Well, they all lost my vote AND my support ! NO MORE HELP ! Don’t bother asking me to make a donation either. It is obvious none of you have a clue as to what is happening in Europe with refugees taking over cities and towns and forcing lifelong residents to live in fear. I cannot believe a few of the names on this list. WAKE UP ! You are being lied to !

  7. Well I know of eight places they can live at when they need housing!!
    Reading the headlines of WHAV it would seem one councilor may have an extra bed for a while.
    I’m sure they’ll be excited to eat at he sandwich shop and buy a $10.00 wrap..
    Mr Lepage can help with employment in the recycling dept.
    Me Bevilaqua, well I’m not sure what he’ll do but I know he will attempt to get them talking at the council meetings.
    Mr Sullivan can establish housing in the castle and during the warmer months the grounds can become tent city..
    Another great idea by the council, let’s not worry about the issues effecting the citizens/taxpayers instead let’s shift the focus..
    Oh well another day in the life of a Haverhill resident.