Eversource Plans Aerial Patrols Beginning Thursday

If you see a helicopter flying over Atkinson, Plaistow and Sandown Thursday, it is Eversource reviewing the utility’s transmission right-of-way system.

Depending on weather, Eversource plans to use infrared cameras to identify faulty equipment requiring replacement. Aerial patrols begin at 8 a.m., Thursday, and continue daily through Friday, Feb. 17. Flight routes and areas will be determined by weather conditions, the company said.

The company said the work is part of regular maintenance and not related to the Northern Pass electric line project.

Residents may expect to see a yellow and blue Bell Jet Ranger aircraft.

2 thoughts on “Eversource Plans Aerial Patrols Beginning Thursday

  1. Just a heads up Jack, Jack Haverhill, and Duncan…

    it’ll be a maintenance helicopter,not the advance airwing of a monolithic, communist plot to undermine democracy by brown-skinned people.

    You can keep your hoods in the closet gentlemen.

    • Mayor Failurentini….last time I checked those three towns didn’t take a surplus military armored SWAT vehicle in preparation for armed standoffs with police like YOU did. Those brown-skinned people, more accurately named criminal trespassers in the USA illegally, that you have rolled out the welcome mat for so they can rape teenage girls, deal drugs brought in over the southern border and live in all the subsidized low income housing you build at taxpayer expense are such great addition to the sanctuary city you’ve created. You’ve turned Haverhill into a very dangerous cesspool, mayor.

      Add it to the long list of your many failures that voters will be well informed about come November.