Police Charge Another Accomplice in String of Armed Robberies

Carlos Perez is placed into a waiting ambulance at the conclusion of a four-hour armed standoff. (WHAV News photograph.)

Another alleged accomplice of the man who holed himself up in a Franklin Street basement last month, was arrested Friday and charged in connection with a robbery at a Main Street hair salon.

Haverhill police, with the help of Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section, brought in Louis Jones, 41, of Methuen, on a warrant, charging him with armed robbery while masked. He was arrested at the Haverhill police station Friday, just before 8 a.m. Police allege Jones helped Carlos Perez, 37, of Bradford, rob Europa Hair Designs, 749 Main St.

Perez has also been charged in connection with the robbery and, with the help of another alleged accomplice, Brandon Lucia, in the robberies of Dunkin’ Donuts, 407 Amesbury Road, and Tire Warehouse, 773 River St. Perez and Lucia were also charged with breaking and entering at night, malicious destruction of property and theft of an ATM at Lucky’s Pizza, 251 Primrose St.; and attempted break at One Stop Market, 651 Broadway.

Lucia, 24, 67 Franklin St., was arrested Jan. 19, at his home by Haverhill and Massachusetts State Police. Police first arrested Lucia 10 days earlier—the same day Carlos Perez barricaded himself in the basement of a single-family house at 71 Franklin St.

On the afternoon of Jan. 9, Detective Glen Fogarty attempted to arrest Perez for the doughnut shop robbery. Police said Perez pulled a handgun out of his waistband, threatened Fogarty and fled. He was then cornered after he entered the basement of the home through a bulkhead and a four-hour standoff ensued.

Perez was held without bail and his case is scheduled for a probable cause hearing March 1.

4 thoughts on “Police Charge Another Accomplice in String of Armed Robberies

  1. Again another assumption by Jack ( the racist) Haverhill. Hispanic name he must be a (criminal treaspasser) illegal alien! It must be great now that we have a overtly racist president. You can just be your self.

  2. What are the chances these punks are more criminal trespassers in this country illegally enjoying the welcome mat in Haverhill laid out for them by mayor failurentini?

    The mayor can claim that crime is down all he wants in the City of Haverhill. The truth is printed out EVERY day in WHAV about what a very dangerous place the city has become as a result of the mayor’s sanctuary city policies.

    The reality is that the mayor is up for re-election and he is going to manipulate the truth about what is happening on city streets, even when it means young girls are being dragged into the woods at city parks and raped and every business owner is at risk of having one of these animals walk into their store and stick a gun in their face.

    Why isn’t the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce confronting the mayor, city councilors and state reps on the mayor’s sanctuary city policies? Is someone going to have to get murdered before someone says something???

    The next time someone in this city is personally harmed as a result of the mayor’s sanctuary city policies they need to sue the mayor and every city councilor for aiding and abetting criminals and malfeasance. They all know what is going on, yet do nothing about it.

    • By the way if you read the article instead of the first sentence You might have known they were talking about a man named Jones. That doesn’t sound Mexican to me.

    • Clearly you only read the info below the photo that stated a victims name.

      The person arrest was Louis Jones of Methuen. The first person arrest was someone who is a US citizen.

      Please feel free to post a few crimes committed in Haverhill by an undocumented individual?