UMass Addresses Fallout from Trump’s Immigration Ban

UMass President Marty Meehan shares a thought with UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney. (WHAV News photograph.)

UMass President Marty Meehan shares a thought with UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney during recent Harbor Place ceremonies in Haverhill. (WHAV News photograph.)

The University of Massachusetts says President Donald Trump’s executive order, banning entry of citizens from seven foreign countries, caused two UMass Dartmouth faculty to be detained at Logan Airport Saturday despite being lawful permanent residents of the U.S.

International Students and Scholars offices, assisted by other staff from across the university’s five campuses, is working to connect with students, faculty and staff affected by this action and determine how to assist them.

“We are deeply disheartened by this alarming action that has violated the rights of members of the UMass community and many others. This is not the country we promised to them when we invited them to study, teach and conduct research here,” said UMass President Marty Meehan in a statement Sunday.

UMass Lowell is currently constructing a business incubator, or “innovation hub,” at Harbor Place in downtown Haverhill.

UMass, which is comprised of 100,000 students, faculty and staff, is an international research university that “extends the promise of American public higher education to thousands of international students and attracts faculty members from across the globe,” Meehan said.

“We are honored that these international students and scholars choose UMass. They enrich our campuses and communities by providing a fullness of perspectives that helps fulfill our mission of research and public service benefiting the Commonwealth.”

5 thoughts on “UMass Addresses Fallout from Trump’s Immigration Ban

  1. Keep stirring the fear pot . The US ‘s leading experts on counterterrorism -Army & Marine Generals and Colonels – state that assimilation IS counterterrorism.

    But, keep dividing everyone into two groups of bitter rivals just like the Sunnies and Shia do. Congrats!! Your hateful morons.

  2. Another false narrative from ignorant, hateful, uneducated liberals from coast to coast.
    Why weren’t the liberal snowflakes protesting when Obama instituted a 6 month moratorium on refugees?
    Jim Carter instituted the exact same ban as Trump.

    How insane are liberals that promoting a proven dangerous liberal agenda is more important than preventing another 9/11 or Boston Marathon Bombing!!

  3. Nice rhetoric from another education enslaver.

    Marty forgot to mention the hundreds of H-1B’s working in the UMass system, 177 since 2016 alone. Apparently, after nationwide searches, 20 Americans could not be found to be a Salesforce Administrator, Student Promotions Coordinator, or an assistance professor at UMass-Lowell, one of many public institutions in Massachusetts economically raping their students.

    • Don’t forget the program set up by the president of Northern Essex Community College, Lane Glenn.
      Glenn went to the Dominican Republic with Lawrence Mayor Daniel Riveria to set up a program with community colleges there. The purpose was so criminal trespassers in the USA illegally from the DR attending NECC could easily transfer credits to NECC to get a degree. Glenn instituted a program with the sole intent to educate trespassers in this country who then will take the jobs away from Americans.

    • So true on that Dunc. Friends over at UMASS/Lowell have told me there are so many people working there that make over 100k standing around doing absolutely nothing. God forbid anyone that says anything about it too. They told me that there is no freedom of speech over there if you disagree with the administration on these things.