Wood Voted School Committee VP After Two-Week Delay

School Committee Vice President Scott Wood

After a two-week delay, member Scott Wood was elected vice president of the Haverhill School Committee on Thursday, defeating Sven Amirian by a vote of 4-3.

As expected, the return of committee member Shaun Toohey swung the vote in Wood’s favor, despite a plea from School Committee President Gail Sullivan, who argued that Amirian deserved the chance to serve in a leadership position.

Every other member has been voted by his or her peers to the post of either president or vice president, she said.

At the committee’s last meeting, on Jan. 12, Wood and Amirian each received three votes. Amirian’s nomination was backed by Sullivan and member Paul Magliocchetti, while Wood had the support of former President Maura Ryan-Ciardiello and Mayor James J. Fiorentini, the School Committee’s chairman. Thursday’s vote followed the same pattern, with the addition of Toohey’s tie-breaking vote.

7 thoughts on “Wood Voted School Committee VP After Two-Week Delay

  1. Not sure I’d call him a “meathead”, however I’m not sure what his qualifications are other than his friendship with Sullivan. Not that that makes you qualified.
    The votes will remain split and the only ones to lose are the citizens. Let’s not kid ourselves, each person on the committee is getting city benefits.

  2. The Haverhill School Committee is lucky to have both Amirian and Sullivan. But, the deck is stacked against them just as it is throughout the city of Haverhill in every corner of government.

  3. For those who voted for Scott Wood, Thank you! for you began the process of cleaning the swamp in Haverhill by standing up to top individuals that could truly care less about my grandchildren in the school. I refer specifically to Sven Amirian and Gail Sullivan.

  4. Congratulations Scott Wood. Im certain you will perform well as Vice Chair. Here’s hoping you will reconsider Solar power for our schools, This is 2017 welcome to the new age

    • Joe, you’re bias for your incompetent liberal buddy the mayor is showing. You’re behaving just like him too.
      You give fake praise to Mr. Wood, and then turn around and make a condescending, patronizing comment to him.
      Scott Wood already made the right decision multiple times regarding solar power.
      Show some class, Joe.