Methuen Rotary, I-93 Work Begins at 5 a.m., Next Week

Early morning commuters may want to note ongoing construction work at the former Methuen Rotary, near routes 110/113 and I-93, begins two hours earlier next week.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation is advising drivers construction begins at 5 a.m., next week, to speed completion of the project. Individual highway and local route lanes may be closed at different times.

Work includes pile driving within the median area of Route 93, installation of utilities on routes 110 and 113 west of I-93, installation of traffic signals and lighting, drainage along I-93, excavation for permanent basins, continuing demolition of the median of I-93 bridge over Riverside Drive to prepare for a new concrete median barrier, filling center sections where the former rotary bridges were removed and installation of a permanent concrete median barrier along I-93.

The now-$66.4 million Methuen Rotary Reconstruction Project replaces the longtime rotary with a partial cloverleaf interchange, officials said, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.