Two Local Women Express Concerns About Trump Administration

Two local women have strong feelings about new President Donald Trump.

Demet Haksever, who attended Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, and Kerry Fitzgerald, who participated in a sister rally in Boston, appeared on WHAV’s Open Mike Show Monday night with host Tim Coco.

See the entire video below.

5 thoughts on “Two Local Women Express Concerns About Trump Administration

  1. Does the sum of $9000.00 sound familiar to These “local women”??
    Or is it selective memory??
    keep marching ladies and as it was in there military remember to accent your left.. you do remember that don’t you???

  2. Great points all. Other questions could relate to Billy Clinton and where were these two ladies during his sexual escapades ? Did they support HIS impeachment back then ? Or were they still fawning over him biting his lower lip and feeling our pain instead of all of those womens’ pain after he was done with them ?

    Regarding school choice……It is NOT YOUR MONEY as many people keep saying and are right. It is OUR money and WE should decide where it is best spent. President Trump wants to eliminate Federal control and give it back to local cities and town school boards, along with that money. How is that a bad thing ??

  3. Fitzgerald: “Charter schools do not have good grades” –
    That’s not an entirely truthful statement if based here in Massachusetts. Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School and Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School finished number one and three respectively for 2016 10th grade MCAS advanced scores. So while some do poorly, just like public schools, they do just as well, if not better than public schools. They also accomplished the very same for 10th grade Science and English. Although I’ll agree, DeVos is a bad pick, but just like some of Obama’s picks, more of a patronage choice than anything else.

    FDA/TPP – It was so hard for either of them to admit this was a good thing. Even though Republicans (and a few Democrats) did in fact, to Obama’s glee, fast track TPP (details released via Wikileaks), and thankfully Trump put an end to it. NAFTA was an absolute disaster for manufacturing (Ross Perot was right). Some of us do not think regulation is a bad thing, it is the efficiency we don’t have; for example, a drug company (which would have benefited from TPP) gets FDA approval of a drug whose side effects lead to suicidal/homicidal ideations. Brilliant.

    FHA – Windfall for banks because it removes RISK for banks. Then again, as the caller mentioned, CONgress Bailed banks out, protecting their own self-interests, and then Federal Reserve Policy gave them interest on their reserves (no incentive to lend lol).

    FBI/”Values” – DNC Leaks came form an angry disgruntled Bernie insider, The Podesta emails were hacked because of Podesta’s own stupidity. They admit what Clinton did was wrong (which would send anyone else to prison), but didn’t feel they could convict. Where were these “values” in regard to women during Obama/Clinton?

  4. Kerry Fitzgerald: Why haven’t you responded to questions posed to you ladies on the article posted here on WHAV yesterday? We know you read WHAV articles, as you have commented on online here in the past.
    Are you afraid of something?

    Kerry, if you are promoting yourself as being an advocate of woman’s rights, where have you been the past couple of months after a young woman the very same age as your daughter was dragged into the woods at Riverside Park and raped by two criminal trespassers in this country illegally? Your intentional silence tells anyone paying attention that as a liberal democrat you are more concerned about protecting the open border policy for criminal trespassers than protecting woman’s rights.
    Which is it, Kerry?