Haverhill Women Discuss Trump Protests on Open Mike Tonight

One of the signs displayed by protesters at Boston’s sister march Saturday. (Kim Di Camillo photograph.)

Demet Haksever, who attended Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, and Kerry Fitzgerald, who participated in a sister rally in Boston, share their views and experiences tonight on WHAV’s Open Mike Show.

Haksever said she learned on the Washington protest two days after the election of Donald Trump as president. She said she and Chere Bemelmans, both of Haverhill, are concerned about the stated policies of the new administration.

“We immediately felt compelled to go. We signed up at the very beginning,” Haksever said. Among the issues, she said, are Trump’s “disrespect for women in general,” racism and nationalism. “It’s all he stands for. It’s not just one issue,” she added.

Haksever and Bemelmans drove to Washington.

The Open Mike Show begins at 6:30 p.m., tonight, on 97.9 WHAV, with a video simulcast on WHAV.TV and HC Media Channel 22 in Haverhill.

12 thoughts on “Haverhill Women Discuss Trump Protests on Open Mike Tonight

  1. Dan, an Executive Order , regarding the “Mexico City Language ” was signed today and the Press Secretary made it clear that Trump is a pro-life president. That, is what is concerning to many women.

    Did you know that, an essential requirement for the domestication of animals is to control their reproduction?

    • So now if one is pro-life, they support controlling reproduction ? Interesting and nice try. You don’t idolize Maggy Sanger as a role model do you ? Like some of these women do ?? You know her, she founded planned parenthood in the hopes of controlling the ” NEGROES” by using abortion as a tool. She also supported eugenics and getting rid of those unwanted retarded and autistic babies

      Maybe all of those “concerned” women should have been more concerned before they had unprotected sex, creating their so-called problem in the first place. They “CHOSE” to have sex. not even caring abut the consequences.

    • Did you know that not all Americans are pro-choice? Probably not, since you rarely have anything of substance to add, but is typical of partisan ideologues like yourself who lash out and insult anyone who doesn’t agree with you rather than civilly discuss the issues. Yet another reason Trump won, and if Democrats ran ANYONE ELSE, would have beaten Trump in a landslide.

      Everyone knows Trump was pro-life, he made that very clear. Many also know that if SCOTUS were to ever revisit Roe v. Wade that it would be overturned as a matter of law (McCorvey’s recantment). Oh, and wake me when women don’t have access to abortions, because as of today, they still do.

      • Duncan, you do know that Joe Citizen is mayor taxman, don’t you?
        Years ago when the Eagle Tribune comment section was active mayor taxman actually told me in a conversation we had one day that all the hacks had conversations among themselves on whether to use the ET comment section or not. We even discussed the Amesbury mayor at the time who would use it under his actual name….but that only lasted a short time because he was getting blasted by residents. Mayor taxman took the route of using an anonymous screen name. He use to comment there under the screen name: Nancy1959. Now here he is doing what you say….adding absolutely nothing to the discussion.
        But that’s to be expected, isn’t it ?

        • I don’t think so. I may not particularly care for Mayor Jimmy, but he’s not that dumb.

          Jimmy would also never call me out on some of my stances like “Joe Citizen” has because he knows I’m socially liberal on many issues and actually agree with him on some, abet, I think many of them (Dems like Jimmy) are complete hypocrites on those very same issues. It is also why I don’t mind, and even like Andy Vargas, he at least has the courage to call out his own and take a stand against some of the hypocrites found in his own Party.

          • When has Andy Vargas EVER “called out his own”? I know you have spoken with him privately, but I have NEVER seen him publicly go against the stated liberal agenda. Knowing that he reads articles on this site I have asked questions of him to use this social media platform to address things he’s done as a councilor, and he’s NEVER responded to me. For a young person driven by social media, ignoring constituent questions here on the largest social media communication platform in the city is just more liberal status quo as far as I’m concerned.
            Vargas did push for financial transparency software last year, but that isn’t exactly going against his own. And look what happened with that. The mayor manipulated the whole process to still keep citizens from getting a full behind the scenes view of what is going on. Vargas ended up saying nothing.

  2. Easy, don’t give them another reason to march.
    I wonder how many that marched were employed in the private sector? How many were employed in public education and and other public sector occupations?

    peaceful march on a Saturday, no major disruptions. Good to hear

  3. I think we need an alternative Open Mike show so the other side can chime in as well. Let’s see how ‘tolerant” these women are of someone else’s opinion that disagrees with theirs.

  4. i didn’t have a chance to view this but I do have one question, what has the president done that infringes on all women’s right?
    There was controversy over the president talking about **ssy but looking at the signs at the marches that word is pretty tame. The language I have heard from females and entertainers leaves much to be desired. Ever listen to a group of ladies talk, some of it would make shades of gray blush. How about that book, how many copies were sold? Was was the content of the book? **ssy and more…
    Now they walk around with hats that symbolize a vagina.

  5. If you two blow-hards could have an abortion you’d call it a SACRAMENT.

    President Trump and yourselves should keep your littlepussy-grabbers off of American women’s uterases.

  6. Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. Haksever and Ms. Bemelmans:
    I’d be interested to hear your opinions on where the Woman’s Movement has been regarding several issues.

    Where has the Woman’s Movement been as an “additional” two MILLION women have fallen into poverty under the 0bama Administration? Globalist policies under 0bama have robbed women of economic opportunity, yet the Woman’s Movement has said nothing. Why is that? Why is Trump taking a public policy position of helping Americans first a bad thing for women?

    Where was the Woman’s Movement as women all across this country have been raped and murdered by criminal trespassers in this country illegally who have been protected by the 0bama Administration and liberal sanctuary city promoting politicians INCLUDING right here in Haverhill a couple of months ago? Why is Trump taking steps to protect women from criminals a bad thing?

    Where has the Woman’s Movement been as young women all across this country are dying as a result of drugs flowing freely into this country over southern borders unprotrolled as a result of the 0bama Administration policies? Why aren’t women screaming from the rooftops about the drugs that are killing young women as a result of Democrat initiated public policy?

    Where has the Woman’s Movement been as women have been lied to about choice, right to work laws, and workplace equality? The truth is women have been lied to by Democrat politicians playing a shell game promoting fabricated issues while ignoring the truth. The truth is that just a generation ago women in this country had the right to chose if they wanted to work or not. Not any more. Now it’s absolutely necessary for women to work because of all the taxes families have to pay to all levels of government. Democrat initiated social welfare redistribution programs have stolen the choice women once had to work or not, yet women say nothing about it. Why is that?

  7. “Trump’s “disrespect for women in general,” racism and nationalism.” –

    Hopefully you will asking some challenging questions.

    For instance, how the past eight (8) years there were no protests against Obama & Secretary of State Clinton policies against our would-be allies that include issues such as: female genital mutilation, lack of voting rights, lack of access to education, women treated as chattel, female child brides, and of course a campaign of bombing by drone killing/murdering innocent women & children that more than likely made more enemies of this country. Throw in the complete lack of of intolerance of the antics and the sexual predation of Bill Clinton, just highlights the hypocrisy of political partisanship.

    As far as racism, some of us are more than happy The Divider-in-Chief is gone.

    Nationalism? No one should be embarrassed about being an American and the protection thereof. While Obama may be able to say he deported more than anyone, he also imported or outsourced more than anyone before him for the benefit of crony capitalists, and much to the demise of The American Worker.

    I don’t think Trump will solve the the racism issue, but he is certainly in position to change the disenfranchised, especially those who lost their job because the actions of the past Administration(s) and a corrupted, bought & sold CONgress. In any event, Republicans and Trump own everything now, if the succeed, then they can take credit, if they fail, they have no one else to blame.