Police Dog Wins Praise for Quickly Finding Missing Woman

Amesbury Police Officer Thomas Nichols with Achilles. (Courtesy photograph.)

Merrimac police Chief Eric M. Shears praised members of the Merrimac Police Department Wednesday, as well as an Amesbury police officer and his canine, for their work in locating a missing woman on Tuesday night.

At 4:45 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 18, Sgt. David Vance took a report from a woman who said her mother, a 77-year-old Merrimac resident with dementia, had left their Union Street home more than an hour earlier and could not be located.

Vance ordered a search of the area and, with assistance from Officer Stephen Ringuette and the Merrimac Fire Department, established a perimeter based on the woman’s home and most recent known locations.

K-9 units from Amesbury and Salisbury responded, and Amesbury K-9 Achilles was able to quickly locate the woman underneath a pool deck on her property.

“I’d like to commend our officers for taking quick and effective action during this search,” Shears said. “I’d also like to thank Officer Thomas Nichols and K-9 Achilles for their efforts during the search, and Amesbury’s consistent assistance to make our community safer as a whole.”