Haverhill Cultural Council Awards Nearly $27K to Groups

Haverhill Cultural Council Chair Letriah Masters performs live at WHAV.

The Haverhill Cultural Council has awarded nearly $27,000 to local groups for plays, performances and school field trips.

The grant money comes from the state Massachusetts Cultural Council. Last September, state Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, announced the release of arts money.

“These grants will assist Creative Haverhill and the Haverhill Cultural Council in continuing the great work they do providing opportunity for our local artists and outstanding cultural programming for Haverhill residents,” Dempsey said in a statement. “It’s important that we support and our local creative economies and continue to bring cultural investments to Haverhill.”

The Council accepted applications this fall from a variety of local artists and made its final decisions just before New Year’s Day. It has said it gave priority to projects that generate community support and involvement, evidence of a track record and dedication of the applicant, projects offering cultural diversity, promotion of a mix of opportunities to reach and engage all ages, races, genders and demographics. It also said it preferred organizations that present Haverhill in a “positive and inviting way that entices people from outside the community to experience what Haverhill has to offer.”

A complete list or persons and organizations receiving grants is listed below.

Disclosure: WHAV’s proposal to help groups better publicize their events and place more artists on FM radio was not funded.

Barbara Hough1000
Bianchi, Jass3000
Career Resources Corporation1500
Carey-Fernandez, Suzanne3000
Creative Haverhill, Inc.1300
Denis Cormier / Hands on History253
Emily Boulger DBA Shoe Town Art Center1000
Hailey Moschella3000
Haverhill Community Media1000
Keith Boucher253
Kevin Cooney1500
Lewis, Stephen40
Linda Maxwell for Bethany Communities1500
Melissa Seavey1500
Middle School, Whittier1500
Museum of Printing500
Pentucket Players Inc800
Prue, Paul800
Spotlight Playhouse1500
Spotlight Playhouse1000
Tracy Fuller1000

One thought on “Haverhill Cultural Council Awards Nearly $27K to Groups

  1. Thank you WHAV for your continued support of the HCC Mission. It was our most difficult year to analyze and evaluate the applicants. With more than twice as many applications as the previous year, some really worthwhile opportunities could not be funded. We ultimately awarded funding to 21 of 40 applications. The Haverhill Cultural Council owes WHAV (and other local media as well) our sincere gratitude for helping HCC achieve new levels of awareness among the communities and neighborhoods we serve in Haverhill. It is very gracious and professional of this media outlet to continue to provide awareness of what we do despite the inability of HCC to fund the program WHAV brought forward this year. Alison Colby-Campbell, Haverhill Cultural Council Member