City Worker Faces Charges of Stealing from Treasurer-Collector’s Office

Dawn Marie Medford, of Bradford, at her arraignment this morning in Haverhill District Court. (WHAV News photograph.)

A former Haverhill city employee was formally charged this morning with stealing money from the city treasury.

Dawn Marie Medford, who at times worked in the city treasurer and collector’s office, was arraigned in Haverhill District Court on two counts of larceny over $250 and one count of larceny under $250. According to Assistant District Attorney Michael Dulany, city officials became aware of the thefts Oct. 11.

“She was the employee responsible for compiling and depositing checks and cash at the City of Haverhill. On three occasions during her watch there was either checks, cash or checks and cash missing,” said Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokesperson for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett.

Medford, 46, of 129 South Pleasant St., Bradford, apparently worked in City Hall as a “floater,” working where and as needed in short-staffed city departments. She appeared in court after receiving a summons.

Judge Patricia Dowling ordered Medford to return for a pre-trial conference Thursday, Feb. 16. Saying she could not afford a lawyer, she was assigned a public defender, attorney Christian Colwell, of Methuen.

Medford was not held on bail, but was told she could be held in the Essex County House of Correction for up to 90 days if she fails to appear for any subsequent court date.

For several weeks, WHAV reporters have been blocked by the city from obtaining information about Medford and the alleged theft of taxpayer money. Haverhill Police Captain Michael Wrenn, in a written response to WHAV Jan. 12, said, “The records you seek cover a matter that is the subject of a pending law enforcement investigation.”

Mayor James J. Fiorentini, who is apparently out of town, could not be reached at his office or mobile telephone number for comment. The city’s personnel department said it could not comment on Medford’s employment status and referred calls to the mayor.

This is a developing story.

11 thoughts on “City Worker Faces Charges of Stealing from Treasurer-Collector’s Office

      • Here are several facts:
        YOU are a HFD employee who sits around doing nothing while on the job, except surfing the internet.
        YOU are a Felon HFD employee who got caught stealing $1,800.00 from Haverhill taxpayers.
        YOU were arrested for beating up your daughter’s boyfriend
        YOU were found to have a house full of assault weapons when you were arrested.

        • Don’t YOU ever get sick of being wrong Jack? Not one thing you said is true, AKA lies. It is very cowardly for you to sit at your computer, hiding behind an alias, telling constant lies and attacking people. On a brighter note, congratulations PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

    • Hey mayor Failurentini….If what I comment about on here is so exaggerated and inaccurate how come you never correct what it is that I write about? Instead all you do is call me names…is that really all you got?

      Thanks to Tim Coco and the folks at WHAV we have a viable forum in Haverhill to comment about the truth of your performance mayor. Over one million views occur on this site each month….that’s a LOT of people obtaining information. It’s an election year, so you better step up your game mayor. Every time I, or anyone else, makes a factual comment about your performance and then all you do is call us all names it doesn’t change the fact our comments stick in the mind of the people reading them.

      I know that the strategy of name calling and deflection away discussing specific issues is job one for liberals. Your constant name calling to me and others is all you got. Good luck with that …….

  1. Jack, why all the hate? I’m sure this woman will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. All of the other babble you mentioned is highly inaccurate and quite frankly has nothing to do with the article.

    • Speaking of Haverhill city employees who steal from their employer….if it isn’t yet another Felon who conspired to steal $1,800.00 from Haverhill taxpayers. Slow day in the firehouse?

      Who would know better about hate then you, right Keith? Don’t you have someone you can commit assault and battery on to pass your time? Better yet, don’t you have any assault rifles you can be polishing?

  2. Ms. Medford, you should ask the judge to give you no special treatment and to punish you exactly like other recent Haverhill employees caught stealing from city taxpayers.

    Have your lawyer petition the judge to treat you just like the 30 Haverhill fire fighters Felons who all conspired to steal $1,800.00 EACH, and totally over $54,000.00, by falsely signing documentation that they completed refresher EMT classes which they never took…also potentially putting lives in danger in the process. Only one out of 30 employees lost their job for committing FELONY theft directly from the city in the course of doing their job.

    Have your lawyer petition the judge to treat you just like ex-Haverhill cop John Rogers who was caught stealing from Haverhill taxpayers by “literally” sleeping on the job 4 out of 5 nights a week. When caught Rogers ignored attending a discipline hearing with the incompetent mayor, instead going to the retirement board and allowed to retire with a full pension. The mayor made no attempt at all to decline Rogers his pension.

    Have your lawyer petition the judge to treat you just like Haverhill Felon fire fighter William Laliberty who stole $1,800.00 from city taxpayers when he knowingly and intentionally falsified documentation that he completed EMT training he never took. Laliberty’s punishment for this theft was he was given a promotion to Deputy Chief by the city’s incompetent, corrupt mayor.

    It’s doubtful Ms. Medford, being a part time employee, was part of a city public employee union. Tough break for her because all union members suffer very little consequences for bad behavior because of their allegiance to the corrupt mayor.