Pot Remains Off Limits at Northern Essex Community College

Personal marijuana possession and use may be legal in Massachusetts, but remain off limits at Northern Essex Community College.

Last month, college trustees unanimously approved a policy prohibiting marijuana and accessories on college property or at college-sponsored events and activities. Despite changes in Massachusetts law, approved by voters last fall, Northern Essex abides by federal law which continues to ban the substance.

“Since Northern Essex is the recipient of federal funding, the college is required to follow federal law which prohibits the possession, use, distribution and/or cultivation of marijuana at educational institutions,” the college said in a statement.

Violations by any student or employee will result in disciplinary action, including expulsion or termination.

Trustees Also Approve Gender-Neutral Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Trustees, following the state’s public accommodations law, also approved allowing students to use bathrooms or locker rooms soon-to-be-designated as gender-neutral or consistent with a student’s “sincerely held gender identity.”

Previously, the college allowed students to use bathrooms or locker rooms specifically designated as gender-neutral or matching the gender designation in students’ college records.

One thought on “Pot Remains Off Limits at Northern Essex Community College

  1. NECC President Lane Glenn has set up a program with community colleges in the Dominican Republic to facilitate criminal trespassers from that country in the USA illegally, and attending NECC, to easily transfer credits to apply to a NECC degree, which will then assist them in taking jobs away from American citizens.

    How crazy are the brain dead liberals running this college??
    They ban something that is completely legal in the state, while at the same time intentionally and knowingly running a program to help criminals in this country illegally!!!! It’s insane !!!!

    Can any explain in non-liberal speak, common sense terms what exactly a “sincerely held gender identity” is?