Andover High Senior Faces Discipline After School Threat

An Andover High School student faces disciplinary action and, possibly, criminal charges in connection with an allegedly threatening message found at the school Tuesday.

A male senior at Andover High was identified by school department investigators as being responsible for a written message found on a school wall in a common area, according to Andover Superintendent of Schools Sheldon Berman.

In a statement, he said the student was removed from class Wednesday and “appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.” The message warned against coming to school on Wednesday, but did not name anyone or make any specific threats. School officials do not believe there is any danger to the public or that there was ever any intention do to harm to anyone at the school.  However, out of caution, there was an increased presence by Andover police at the school Wednesday and the department is conducting a criminal investigation.

“This is an unfortunate situation, but I am grateful that it has been resolved quickly without significant disruption in the school day,” Andover High Principal Philip Conrad said.

Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to call Andover High School at 978-247-5500.