Carnevale Begins Association with Grondin Funeral Homes

Actor Casey Affleck, brother of Ben, appears with funeral director Kevin J. Grondin. (Courtesy photograph.)

Lawrence A. Carnevale.

Lawrence A. Carnevale.

Longtime Haverhill funeral director Lawrence A. Carnevale is now associated with Kevin J. Grondin, operator of two Haverhill funeral homes.

Carnevale’s name will soon join Grondin’s outside of Linnehan-Grondin Funeral Homes at 129 Kenoza Ave., and 52 Salem St. Despite the milestone, Carnevale played down the significance of the move and instead discussed his pride in Grondin’s recent appearance with Casey Affleck in the new movie, “Manchester by the Sea.”

“I am more excited about him being in the movie than he is,” Carnevale said.

The film is directed and written by Kenneth Lonergan and, besides Affleck, stars Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Gretchen Mol and Lucas Hedges. Shooting began March 23, 2015, in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Each funeral home has a long history in the city. The late John J. Linnehan operated the Kenoza Avenue home until his death in 2008. Linnehan previously purchased Noonan Funeral Home from Margaret Noonan.

Carnevale began working with Grondin in August, while preparations were underway to create a more formal partnership, Carnevale said, when asked by WHAV.

15 thoughts on “Carnevale Begins Association with Grondin Funeral Homes

  1. It is very important to know what is happening in the city. Whav is the only way to hear about the local happenings. For instance the Stroll being changed from successfully taking place on Friday evenings to a not so successful Saturday afternoon or the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce having an event in Methuen apparently there aren’t any Haverhill restaurants available.

  2. I believe he was referring to the funeral director part of the story. Although, both are upstanding men. I know for a fact Mr. Carnevale has helped alot of people. Some people are so nasty.

  3. Really Jack? If you’re referring to Casey, allow me to enlighten you.

    Oceans trilogy, Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone, American Pie to name a few movies he’s been in.

    Why so negative about everything? On second thought, don’t answer…chances are you have no grasp of your hatefulness.

    On a positive note, it’s good to see this honest man is prosperous. Something to be said for grit.

    • I’d say it IS news. Finally, Haverhill has a news station that tells us what’s happening before we see new signs on buildings in the city. Isn’t that what news is? When there’s a story that Pentucket Bank hired a new employee, I don’t see anyone criticizing that. Why is this different? I wonder who some of the people here are shilling for: the Alabama-owned newspaper, the amateur hour cable channel or that group that says it wants better news but hasn’t ever published a story?

  4. I’m very interested in watching the movie. I’ve worked with Kevin Grondin for several years. I’ve also worked with Larry Carnevale years back at another firm. They are both great Funeral Directors. I hope to continue to be working along with both of them.

  5. Lawrence Carnevale is as dedicated as any funeral director I’ve ever known. He cares about people and cares about Haverhill. Happy to finally see him with a respectable firm.

  6. Wonderful news for two individuals that care deeply about what they do in this community. Congratulations to you both! Haverhill and her citizens will benefit greatly from this partnership, I am certain.

  7. Great to see good things happening for good people like you! All the yrs we in haverhill have the pleasure of being able to work with truly kind, helpful, and caring people like Lorenzo Carnevale. Good luck with your new ventures! if people get even just a bit of the kindness you have shown myself and my family they will surely be blessed. Thank you for all you have done for haverhill and it’s families for so many yrs!

  8. I’ve known Larry for the better part of a decade and he’s truly a great person.He takes great pride in his work and is tremendously respectful and sympathetic.

  9. Larry is a great guy, very well respected & known here in Haverhill. We are lucky to have him! I wish Larry all the best in his new venture with Mr. Grondin!