Haverhill Says Yes to Slots; No to Charter School Expansion

Haverhill voters said yes to expanded slot machine gambling, no to lifting the cap on new charter schools, yes to improved conditions for farm animals and yes to the recreational use of marijuana, in line with voters across the state on three of the four questions.

Haverhill and voters across the state voted to limit the growth of charter schools. Haverhill voted 16,873 to 11,814 against expanding the numbers of charter schools. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten hailed the vote.

“Tonight, voters in Massachusetts sent a clear message to Gov. Charlie Baker and other backers of Question 2: Don’t use charters as a weapon against public schools—especially when Massachusetts public schools rank among the best in the nation,” he said. “Grass-roots efforts by parents, educators, community groups and students succeeded in safeguarding the promise of public education as a public good, rejecting ideologues and others who sought to divert and drain resources from public education.”

Bucking the state, Haverhill voters supported a proposed law allowing the state Gaming Commission to expand slot machine gaming by a vote of 14,908 to 12,912. Statewide, voters rejected the measure.

Residents agreed with their counterparts across the Commonwealth in supporting better conditions for farm animals, voting 22,683 in favor to 5,894.

On the ballot question regarding legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana, Haverhill endorsed the measure 15,900 to 12,892. Statewide, roughly 53 percent of voters approved the measure.




6 thoughts on “Haverhill Says Yes to Slots; No to Charter School Expansion

  1. The people have spoken…….both here and across the country. Mass. is in the blue zone of being clueless as to what is going on within our culture and country. Let the Govt. control your lives and take your money. That’s ok though because at some point soon Mass. will collapse under it’s own weight just like Illinois and other largely Blue areas.

  2. Just brilliant – Haverhill votes to ensure more poor people lose their money gambling so the pigs can stay at the trough, but also votes to make sure kids have NO choice but to attend bad schools.

    They vote to protect farm animals, but ignore kids. And on top of it all, they vote to make sure more people are smoking weed – when, apparently, most of them are already stoned.

    These are some of the absolute dumbest voters I have ever seen. I fully understand why Haverhill is so corrupt, backward, and mindless.

    • The No on #2 spent a lot of money and it paid off. As I mentioned to the tone deaf Linda Dean Campbell, the over $2 billion per year spent on Invaders could have been used here, FIVE TIMES the amount they were whining about. It would have made everyone happy; Unions, teachers, and parents. Instead, Invaders stay, their kids, thanks to 14th Amendment abuse, overcrowd the classrooms, cost more because they can’t speak, read, or write English in order to meet legal mandates, and EVERYONE ELSE loses. That’s BEFORE we even discus all the other social, economic, and legal costs Invaders bring by being tolerated in this state.

      • 400,000 Anchor Babies are born a year in this country. With the average cost to educate one student nation wide being $11,600, that means US tax payers are paying $4.6 BILLION a year to educate these invaders. That cost is incurred EVERY year over and over as long as the the 14th Amendment stays in affect. Every other industrialize nation in the world has put an end to that insanity except for the USA.
        It’s time has come!!!