Early Voting Moves to Three Neighborhoods Saturday

Early voting in Haverhill, which began Monday at City Hall and continues until Nov. 4, also gives residents a chance to cast ballots at three neighborhood polling places this Saturday, Oct. 29.

Added early voting hours take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, at High Street fire station, 123 High St.; Bradford fire station, 468 South Main St.; and behind the Public Works offices, 500 Primrose St. City Hall will also be open to voting in the basement during those hours.

“We recognize that not everyone can make it during the regular work hours, so we are offering additional early voting,” Fiorentini said Monday.

Early voting at City Hall takes place weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., until Nov. 4. Extended early voting hours at City Hall will be held until 8 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 3. Early voters are required to bring identification. Early voting by mail is also available by visiting www.haverhillma.gov and clicking on the “application” link.

The regular election is Tuesday, Nov. 8, when the city’s normally designated polling places will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

2 thoughts on “Early Voting Moves to Three Neighborhoods Saturday

  1. I have received multiple emails on this, as well as being deluged by Massachusetts spending a ridiculous amount of money through Bill Galvins office on prime time TV spots practically BEGGING voters to “vote early”. (By the way – I’d like to see what has been spent on those TV spots – maybe we could have used that money for – oh – climate change maybe – since that’s so important?)

    I received a call on my home phone from the Mayor as a “reminder”. The next day I received an email from the Mayor again, as a “reminder”. The last straw was yesterday – when I received another call on my cell phone, which was strange, as the Caller ID reflected a call from the “Haverhill RMV” – however, after checking the message – the call was another “reminder” from….the MAYOR!!!! – Is it legal for the Mayor to be using the Haverhill RMV phone for election time reminders? (I don’t think it is)

    My questions are these; why the BIG PUSH for early voting? It was never really needed before! And secondly, WHERE DO THOSE BOXES OF BALLOTS GO? Could WHAV find out? Are the votes counted after that individual “poll” closes that evening? Are they “stored” somewhere? what are the regulations regarding early voting ballots once cast?

    Lastly – does anyone on this board actually TRUST officials to always do the legal and right thing with those ballots?

    If you haven’t guess yet – I sure don’t trust them – something just stinks about this whole thing.

    • Call or email City Clerk Linda Koutoulas. I had a moderate length email exchange with her on this very issue. Sadly, there’s plenty of “YouTube” videos out there that show how easily it is to defeat the system that most of the states use in this region (e.g. Accuvote, GEM software). Not that it really matters in Massachusetts as districts are so gerrymandered, Democrat candidates have to be complete morons to lose their seats here.