Community Action Plans First-Time Homebuyer Program

Community Action plans another first-time homebuyer education program, beginning Thursday, Oct. 27, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Presidential Gardens Community Room, 140 Evergreen Drive, Bradford.

Classes continue Wednesday, Nov. 2 and Thursday, Nov. 3. A Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative-approved certificate is awarded after completion of the three-night course. The program is also approved by MassHousing. Cost is $60 per household.  There are no income requirements to take the training.

Participants receive: comprehensive information offered by housing professionals including bank lenders, buyer/seller real estate brokers, housing attorneys, insurance agents home inspectors and credit counselors; individual household mortgage pre-qualification; and information about foreclosure sales, area affordable housing lotteries and services of a buyer broker and down payment assistance programs and reduced interest loans.

For more information, call Richard Lynch at 978-373-1971 or Susan Collins at 978-317-8998.

2 thoughts on “Community Action Plans First-Time Homebuyer Program

  1. Do they provide economic and societal information on what it means to own property in Haverhill?

    Will they educate buyers about the fact that property taxes are guaranteed to rise on average by $100 a year if they buy a home in Haverhill because of the debit incurred by the incompetent mayor?
    Will they be informing buyers that if they buy a home in Haverhill their water/sewer bills will be going up by 50% in the near future because of the mayor waiting until the last second to address a water supply issue?
    Will they be informing people about what a dangerous place Haverhill has become because of drugs and criminal illegal trespassers from other countries that flock to the city because of the unspoken Sanctuary City agenda promoted by the liberal mayor?
    Will they be informing buyers with children about the massive classroom sizes in Haverhill schools as a result of the mayor setting no limits on single family home construction as a means to raise tax revenue?
    Will they inform buyers that they will become a target for the looney liberal mayor if he does not agree their Constitutional Rights to Free Speech with lawn signs they display on their property and he will work to silence them?
    Will they inform buyers of the many instances of “Double Taxation” (such as youth sports teams paying twice to use city fields and having to pay for downtown parking) the mayor has incorporated in order to finance his failing, mismanaged administration.

    • Hi Jack

      I don’t think they tell them that, no. I wonder why? 🙂

      By the way – you should see Jimmy Taxes on Twitter…..always spouting the loony left line……pretty sad.