Tsongas Tours Veterans Program, Head Start Center Monday

Third District Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, on the heels of Saturday’s appearance before the Haverhill Democratic City Committee, returned to the city Monday to tour a veterans resource center and spend time with students and teachers at a pre-school.

Tsongas was scheduled Monday morning to visit the downtown veterans offices of Career Resources Corporation (CRC), at the Landmark Building, 76 Merrimack St., and Community Action’s Head Start at Fox Center, 75 Elm St. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Tsongas said she “has been a strong advocate for veterans since taking office, in particular with assisting in the transition to civilian life.” She added she is “a strong supporter of early education initiatives and for making those programs more accessible to American families.”

CRC was founded in 1964 as the Work Activities Center. It works to empower people with disabilities to be as self-sufficient, self-determining, and as successful as possible. The Landmark Building offices, which opened in 2015, is home to CRC’s Veteran’s Employment Program. CRC has partnered with the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center to help veterans with disabilities gain skills and find employment.”

3 thoughts on “Tsongas Tours Veterans Program, Head Start Center Monday

  1. Tsongas needs to be replaced with someone who actually cares about vets and not act like she does. She is a say nothing do nothing congresswoman. The ungrateful liberals have a choke hold on our state. Something needs to be done.

  2. Tsongas has NOT been helpful to the veterans AT ALL. She talks a good tale, but as far as action is concerned, there is nobody home. I wonder how Tsongas can toot her own horn with a straight face, since everyone knows she is not telling the story like it is.

    Tsongas should be replaced by someone who has concern for our VETS, and replaced as our Congressperson. Let’s hope the voters wake up sooner than later.

  3. “Tsongas said she “has been a strong advocate for veterans since taking office, in particular with assisting in the transition to civilian life.” –

    Sure she is.

    She is a de facto war-mongering jackass enjoying the fruits of DoD contractor campaign donations. Over 25 years since being deployed to The Middle East and the only thing that has changed is the number of flag draped caskets of U.S. Military Members being delivered to Dover A.F.B. Niki Tsongas VOTED for such through her war-mongering votes for military pok barrel spending packages, NDAA, including the most recent OMNIBUS. Meanwhile during her time, while Americans were dying in that hell-hole over there, she saw fit to land nice posh lobbying jobs for her daughters, far away from battle for those she says she “supports”. Supports my ass. The only positive thing that has happened for Veterans since Niki has been in office is the number of Veterans attempting or comitting suicide, down to 21 per day from 22 per day.

    Take a bow and your blood money Niki, you earned it.