Two Men Accused of Riverside Park Rape May Face Grand Jury

Two Haverhill men accused of sexual assault against an unidentified woman last Friday night face potential of an indictment from an Essex County grand jury.

Manuel Agualemea-Guasco, 41 and Juan Cela, 19, both of 50 White St., Haverhill, whose arrests were first reported by WHAV Monday, were ordered held without bail on aggravated rape charges during arraignments Monday in Haverhill District Court. They are scheduled to return to court Monday, Aug 22, for a dangerousness hearing, according to Carrie Kimball-Monahan, spokesperson for Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett.

“Given the serious nature of the charges, it is likely that we will present the case to the grand jury,” Kimball-Monahan told WHAV Tuesday.

According to a report by Haverhill police, the woman was allegedly attacked Friday night in a wooded area of Riverside Park, behind Trinity Stadium. Police, on patrol, discovered the woman running out from the woods with a partly-torn shirt and screaming. She later told police she was taken to the park in a Honda minivan after asking to be taken home. She was allegedly pulled from the vehicle by the two men, punched and sexually assaulted as she resisted. She broke away as headlights were seen from the approaching cruiser. She also reported meeting the suspects earlier at a White Street convenience store. Agualema-Guasco and Cela were subsequently arrested at 11:25 p.m. at 117 Lincoln Ave., according to a police log.

3 thoughts on “Two Men Accused of Riverside Park Rape May Face Grand Jury

  1. Is the driver of the Honda Pilot going to be charged with DRIVING WITHOUT A VALID LICENSE? These awful people put all of us in danger! What about the women who live in this town? Do they mean NOTHING to anyone? To our politicians? Between these two wandering around raping, Kevin McCarthy beating up women, charged with domestic abuse, and holding them against their will, and an unnamed man exposing himself and masturbating in full view of the customers of the Circle K store, it is high time that all of us rise up and DEMAND that the illegals be deported immediately, and the remaining two be locked up, and the keys be thrown away.

    This is all getting out of hand. What about the fools who hire Ceta and Aqualema-Guasco? Do people REALLY hire these fools? Do homeowners REALLY hire these idiots to work on their property? How do they communicate? Bet they don’t have insurance —- AND what if they hurt themselves on the job??? Have people gone mad for a few bucks?

  2. According to an arrest report on file in Haverhill District Court, Aqualema-Guasco is a self-employed roofer who speaks limited English, while Cela is unemployed and speaks no English. The nationalities of the two men are unknown, with only “General Morales” and “Yucallar” listed as their places of birth on court documents.

    These two are obviously criminal illegal trespassers from another country. Where are the comments from the Haverhill legislative delegation using their liberal code words of “immigrants” and “migrants” to promote open borders now?? Where are the woman legislators Tsongas, Ives and Dean Campbell preaching about protecting the rights of women while yet another woman becomes a victim of their out of control liberal policies and agenda?