Council Considers Razing Fire-Damaged Mount Washington Home

Fire Chief William F. Laliberty says the Washington Street property is “a nuisance to the neighborhood and is dangerous.”

The Haverhill City Council may order the repair or demolition of a vacant Mount Washington home, twice damaged by fire in less than two years.

Haverhill Building Inspector Richard Osborne has requested the council issue a 30-day demolition/rehabilitation order for a 2.5 story, wood-frame structure at 425 Washington St. A public hearing will be scheduled Sept. 13 during Tuesday’s council meeting, according to material on Tuesday’s agenda. A June 28 structural survey report from Haverhill Fire Department says damage from fires Oct. 9, 2014 and this past May 15 have created “a nuisance to the neighborhood and is dangerous.” The fire in 2014 damaged two upper floors and roof in one area of the building and it appeared “to be secure” during a November, 2015, structural survey. The recent fire occurred in the basement “from an unknown cause” and the building condition “has fallen into further disrepair.”

“It was determined that someone is gaining access to the building without the knowledge of the owner,” reads the report from then-Deputy Fire Chief William F. Laliberty, City Engineer John H. Pettis III and “disinterested party” David W. Hewey. “This building should be demolished due to the lack of maintenance, the unwillingness of the owner to repair in order to render the building habitable and the lack of being accountable of who is accessing the building.”

According to documents, the listed property owners are Abelardo and Blanca Nunez. Last March, prior to a proposed receivership process, the city was considering a timeline toward a property sale by the owners, with either their own renovation plan or one from a prospective “as is” buyer, by May 31.

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

One thought on “Council Considers Razing Fire-Damaged Mount Washington Home

  1. How come not even one city councilor came out publicly against the appointment of William Laliberty to Fire Chief? Lalibery is a felon who stole $2,000.00 from Haverhill taxpayers when he knowingly and intentionally falsified documents stating he took an EMT training class when the fact is he never took it. Not only did he scam taxpayers out of $2,000, he put lives in danger by not having the required training The State of Massachusetts mandates. And now here he is, promoted to an important public safety position in the city. In the private sector, he would have been arrested for committing the felony that he did. How is anyone suppose to take anything he says or does seriously knowing how he schemed to rip off Haverhill citizens?

    Where is the leadership in Haverhill? What are you all so afraid of not to speak the truth about this guy???