Bevilacqua Addresses Family Business Conference

Joseph Bevilacqua made a presentation and received an advocacy award during the New England Family Business Conference.

Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Joseph Bevilacqua not only was among those speaking at last weekend’s New England Family Business Conference in Boston, he walked away with an award.

Bevilacqua, who is also a Haverhill city councilor, became the first recipient the Massachusetts Family Business Advocacy Award.

“I believe it is positive recognition of our business assistance programs when we are asked to speak to a New England regional audience about the Merrimack Valley Chamber’s efforts to assist small and family owned businesses,” Bevilacqua said in a statement.

New England Family Business Conference featured presentations covering business growth, sustainability in future generations, marketing, financing and valuation. Bevilacqua spoke during a breakout panel on “The Unique Benefits of Family Business Marketing.”

The conference was sponsored by the Family Business Association of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Family Business Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Bevilacqua Addresses Family Business Conference

  1. Joe, when are you going to address the intrusive parking and meals taxes imposed family businesses in downtown Haverhill?

    Joe, when are you going to address the fact that the mayor invested in a vehicle and personnel for the sole purpose of driving around downtown Haverhill to ticket as many cars as possible and in the process driving away customers from family businesses?

    Joe, when are you going to step up and be an advocate of Haverhill businesses?

    Your silence is deafening…..

    • The People have a remedy to the meals tax and parking: Stop patronizing downtown.

      Otherwise, it is a voluntary tax, and if people want to pay them, more power to them. Personally, I do not, as it is theft of the fruits of my labor, where unlike income taxes in state that are taken at the point of a gun, at least I have the freedom on the local meals tax and parking charges.