Interfaith Blessing, Rally Seeks Immigrant ‘Right to Drive’

The “Right to Drive” is one focus of “Immigrants United for Respect & Dignity, An Interfaith Blessing,” taking place during the first Sunday in June in Haverhill.

The event is sponsored by the Haverhill Chapter of the Merrimack Valley Project and Immigrants United of Massachusetts. It aims to “bring together the diverse members of our community and to raise awareness about the rights of immigrants and, specifically, the Right to Drive,” according to a statement.

A “Blessing of Immigrants” and rally takes place Sunday, June 5, 1:30 p.m., in GAR Park. Participants are asked to wear a white shirt, if possible, to “represent the unity of neighbors from many places and to symbolize peace.” The event includes groups of people walking to GAR Park from their church, temple, or place of worship.

According to its website, Merrimack Valley Project seeks to “1) win drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants, 2) educate domestic workers and their employers about their new rights and responsibilities under the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and 3) organize in our local communities across the Merrimack Valley to advance the common good.”

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3 thoughts on “Interfaith Blessing, Rally Seeks Immigrant ‘Right to Drive’

  1. “specifically, the Right to Drive” –

    Morons. There is no “right” to drive. I’m an American Citizen and my driving “privileges” can be revoked. Of course, if there’s any member of this pro-illegal invader group that can point to some Constitutional protection in regard to driving, please submit it here.

    The days of unfettered immigration should be over, this is a new economic era that doesn’t support unlimited immigration. Illegal immigration is exactly what it says, illegal, but our cowards in political office, Democrats and Republicans alike, do not believe in an equal rule of law. Most of them like the cheap labor and wage suppression for the benefit of their cronies.

    If you crossed our borders illegally, you are in fact an invader. Invaders challenge this nations sovereignty and its laws. Invaders drain our educational, judicial, and social welfare systems that were intended solely for Americans (especially my fellow Veterans). The instance of any invader harming or killing an American (intentional or otherwise) is beyond unconscionable as they shouldn’t have been tolerated in this country in the first place, besides, we Americans have enough violence already we need to spend resources on. There should never be an instance of an invader ahead of the line or receiving benefits before any American for any benefit intended for American Citizens. Period.

    Niki Tsongas, Linda Dean Campbell, Kathleen O’Conner-Ives, Brian Dempsey, and the rest of the political establishment that support invaders are in fact traitors to The American People.

  2. Legal immigrants already have the right to a driver’s license. What this group is about is giving rights to CRIMINALS. They can try to change and manipulate the language of the issue all they want…it won’t change the FACT that the first second that someone steps foot into this country illegally they are FOREVER a criminal trespasser. No amount of references to ‘blessings” and referring to these criminals as simply being “undocumented” will change that FACT.

    Talk about hypocrisy!!! They talk about “respect and dignity” in reference to criminals whose first interaction with this country is ignore existing laws by entering it illegally. That’s so respectful of them. I just love that it’s an “interfaith” gathering….as if somehow religious participation makes breaking the laws of this country acceptable.

    The best thing that could happen for citizens of the Merrimack Valley is for ICE to show up at this blessed gathering and round up all the criminal illegal trespassers and send them back to their home country!!