Group Lobbies Mayor Fiorentini to Budget Tourism Plan

Jenny Arndt of Creative Haverhill.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini.

Supporters of Creative Haverhill this morning launched an email campaign urging Mayor James J. Fiorentini to add last week’s city council tourism proposal to his proposed budget.

Creative Haverhill, which is largely funded by a state Adams Grant, would receive five percent of meals tax and parking fine revenues through an “ACT! Haverhill” fund. The proposed city contribution, estimated at $45,000 per year, would be matched by corporate sponsors “to promote arts, culture and tourism, as a tool for Haverhill economic development,” according to a proposal by City Councilors Andy Vargas and Thomas J. Sullivan last Tuesday night.

“It is crucial that Mayor Fiorentini understands the value of investing in the arts, which is why I’m asking for your help today. Though we’ve received support from the city council, it is only the mayor who can make changes to the city’s budget. Will you consider emailing the mayor to express your support for the ACT Proposal?” Jenny Arndt of Creative Haverhill wrote in an email to supporters.

Fiorentini plans to address the city council tomorrow about his proposed budget.

“Arts culture and tourism is important to the mayor, but he wants to review what was presented at the city council meeting before making a decision,” David S. Van Dam, Fiorentini’s chief of staff, told WHAV. “The budget is done. We have to figure this out,” he added.

“The choice to provide funding to Creative Haverhill is smart, as it will solidify a strong partnership with the city and the arts community, and add much needed focus to the effort of making the Riverfront Cultural District a destination for arts and culture in Downtown Haverhill,” she said.

9 thoughts on “Group Lobbies Mayor Fiorentini to Budget Tourism Plan

  1. Thank you. Your all a bunch of idiots. It was just a matter of time for Jack Haverhill to blow us all out another fart nugget of his wisdom. Jack really must be like a spy to be able to have had access to all that detailed information to forensically build and present to us all, the weak minded followers of Jack. You have delivered us a brilliant conspiracy theory. We just agree with you Jack and we have no need to write now. Jack must have sticky notes and pictures with pins and string connecting his clues in his idiotic war on taxes and hating literally EVERYTHING in Haverhill. He fights the good fight each and every day for us all safely tucked away in his mothers house in his basement bedroom.

    • No thanks, we would not like to know. That was then, this is now. Get you head out of your ass and stop living in the past and trying to compare past efforts with today’s transformations. Better yet, move to NH you ass-hat.

  2. With all due respect to Creative Haverhill and your efforts Ms. Arndt, your proposal of funding your organization on the backs of Haverhill tax payers, business owners and visitors to downtown who either got ticketed or paid a meals tax incorporated by this mayor just doesn’t feel right.

    This is NOT free money. The city is in possession of this money as a result of people and businesses being victims of punitive public policy by a tax and spend mayor whose goal is to use downtown as a targeted resource for raising as much money possible. People and businesses have been damaged by these policies. Ms. Arndt, you should know if you don’t already, this money was obtained as a result of the mayor initiating deceitful tax policies. The money was supposed to be earmarked for maintenance by the DPW for the upkeep of downtown, when the reality is that taxpayers have already funded that function/service through the general budget. It’s double taxation. And it has been obtained at a steep cost to a lot of business owners downtown. If there is money to be allocated by the city it should be given back to the businesses who are the targeted victims of these punitive public policies. How is it not one city councilor has mentioned this?? (Melinda Barrett?)

    To allocate funds to a special interest group in the city, even if those funds flow back in a positive way to Haverhill citizens, gives the mayor the ability to take credit for incorporating the punitive parking and meals taxes in the first place. That should be stopped at all costs.

    This issue has now come to press several times. Not once has Vargas or Sullivan given the name of even one business who has committed to matching contributions to achieve the $45K goal. I know neither one of you have any actual business experience, but please explain how this will generate any economic development for the city??