Rep. Dempsey to Receive ‘Good Guys Award’ Next Week

Rep. Brian S. Dempsey, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus is honoring Haverhill Rep. Brian S. Dempsey with a “Good Guys Award” for his commitment to supporting issues of concern to women and the advancement of women in Massachusetts.

Dempsey, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, receives the award at the caucus’ 15th annual event, Tuesday, May 3.

“Throughout his impressive record of service, Rep. Dempsey has stood up for women both in and out of office. He has a 100 percent approval rating from the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts group, as well as from the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts. By voting to establish labor standards for domestic workers, creating buffer zones around health clinics and supporting marriage equality, Dempsey has demonstrated a continued commitment to the women of the Commonwealth,” a statement said.

The 15th Annual Good Guys Awards and luncheon takes place Tuesday May 3, at Omni Parker House, Boston. Dempsey will be honored alongside Sheriff Steve Tompkins, President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Andrew Dreyfus, Executive Partner at Holland and Knight Steven Wright, President and CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce James E. Rooney, and former state Sen. Brian Lees.

The Annual Good Guys Awards was established in 2002 to honor outstanding male leaders who have worked in their civic and professional lives to achieve parity for women. The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization.

3 thoughts on “Rep. Dempsey to Receive ‘Good Guys Award’ Next Week

  1. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all with progressives and out of control liberalism in this state something like this comes along. Now advocating for the killing of babies gets you an award in this state.

    Congratulations Brian!!!

  2. He’s a “good guy” alright, enabling the economic destruction upon The Massachusetts Citizenry, one family at a time.

    There’s a reason why Massachusetts is the number one most income disparate state in the country, he’s one of the reasons, selling The People out in favor of a few cronies. Passing feel good, uneuqal, and anti-liberty legislation while increasing taxation 52% and destroying incomes by 10% over the past 15 years is reflective of championing enslavement and neo-feudalism, that’s not being a “good guy”.