Tsongas Takes Questions Saturday Morning in Methuen

U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas.

Massachusetts Third District Congresswoman Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) invites residents to ask question during her latest “Congress on Your Corner,” Saturday morning in Methuen.

Tsongas and congressional staff “will be available to discuss any issue or concern on the minds of Third District residents” from 10 to 11 a.m., Saturday, April 9, at Methuen Senior Activity Center, 77 Lowell St., Methuen, according to a statement. Shortly after her election, Tsongas started her Congress on Your Corner program to meet residents in the district on weeknights and weekends, when Congress is not in session.

“Congress on your Corner offers the opportunity for Third District residents to share their thoughts with Congresswoman Tsongas regarding legislation in Congress and happenings in their community, as well as to seek assistance with any problem they may be having with a federal agency,” a statement said

4 thoughts on “Tsongas Takes Questions Saturday Morning in Methuen

  1. You’ve got that one right! All of her votes are disasters. She takes particular pride in being on the Veteran’s Committee, but screws veterans over every time she votes.

  2. Is the Congresswoman going to perform her usual “Schtick,” which requires everyone to wait in line outside of the hall to ask questions, or is she planning to have a genuine Town Hall Meeting where everyone is invited into the facility so they can all hear what her answer is in response to constituents’ questions?

    • She will NEVER hold a public Town Hall Meeting, she’s too much of a coward. Sure, she’ll do it over the phone and have her staff screen all the calls, but that’s it. Her VOTES have been absolutely economically disastrous for most Americans, but what little there are who vote, send her right back into office, harm to our families be damned.

  3. Can’t wait for her to return to Haverhill only to lie to The People again. In case she doesn’t, and being the crony coward that she is, here’s some Q’s Methuen Residents might want to ask:

    1. Why did you vote for Bailouts?
    2. Why did you vote for insider trading and exempt yourself from access to expert networks?
    3. Did you read ACA? Do you know not only does it not cover everyone, but it is impoverishing the nation?
    4. Why do you like war so much? Oh wait – sees defense industry campaign contributors all over 3rd District.
    5. Why did you vote for NDAA?
    6. Why do you like more spending (voted for Omnibus)?
    7. Why do you like to be like crony capitalism so much?
    8. How many more jobs in government or lobbyist positions will you be getting for family members?
    9. Do you like cake?
    10. Do you like the same cake you have voted to serve The American People?