Fiorentini Promises ‘Exciting New Plans’ in State of the City Talk

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini will use his annual “state of the city” address to discuss “some exciting new plans and visions.”

Fiorentini is scheduled to deliver his progress report on the past year, as well as goals for the next year and beyond, at the start of Tuesday’s city council meeting. Among the topics, the mayor “will announce two proposed new developments, discuss police staffing and crime and parks and playgrounds,” according to Executive Assistant Allison Heartquist. Further details were not released to WHAV Monday. A reception takes place at the mayor’s office following the address.

“I will be outlining some exciting new plans and visions,” Fiorentini wrote on social media.

The mayor’s address comes two weeks before councilors are to hold a public hearing and vote on a city ordinance amendment which would extend the downtown’s Chapter 40R Smart Growth overlay district to include the westerly, or Little River, side of Stevens Street. The move, as WHAV reported, would “position the city for additional resources to be made available to the city from the state” to advance redevelopment plans for the industrial zone which was ravaged by an eight-alarm mill building blaze last Sept. 20. The fire destroyed the former site of Hudson Machinery Company, 14-30 Stevens St. Three out of four teenagers accused of setting that fire and since indicted as “youthful offenders” return next month to Lawrence Juvenile Court for a “compliance and election” hearing.

The council meeting and “state of the city” address begin at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

2 thoughts on “Fiorentini Promises ‘Exciting New Plans’ in State of the City Talk

  1. “I will be outlining some exciting new plans and visions,” Fiorentini wrote on social media..” –

    Unfortunately our anti-liberty Mayor doesn’t believe in free speech, or else I would have posted on his social media page. For entertainment purposes, as usually the comments section provides, I’ll do it here as WHAV is one of the last remaining free-speech bastions in the region.

    I wouldn’t call grovelling to Brian Dempsey as to beg to see how much state aid Haverhill can receive in order to pay the bills as visionary. I also wouldn’t include a city opening it’s arms to more welfare recipients than there already are exciting. Sure it’s great for downtown businesses as it creates steady revenue streams footed by taxpayers, but nothing by way of actual production and/or innovation. I never heard of “check day” until a local business owner told me what it was and why so many businesses love the first of each month.

    Maybe part of the vision is to invite more illegal invaders to the city? Especially those from The Middle East or South America? I’m sure Brian can arrange this too. Maybe we can stuff more illegal invader children in our overcrowded schools, or more anti-assimilation cultures into the city, and pay the teachers even less than what they earn now? That would be “exciting” but I don’t think that outcome is what the anti-liberty Mayor thinks it would.

    Or, maybe his new vision is the same as the old – crony capitalism. That should cure what ails this city. Mayor Jimmy’s pal Brian has sure made good use of that. Most of the welfare housing in the city is exclusively owned by one family, with more on the way. What’s a little more bribery, I mean campaign donations for more political capital and financial gain? I hope that Brian’s ROI is worth it when he leaves office someday.

    I wonder if Mr anti-liberty Jim vision has checked to see what ZIRP has done to the city’s pension funding? Now that would also be exciting, especially if it reflects as poorly as everyone else’s funds. We’re already at a “matured” status anyway, why stop now? Throw in health care costs that is absolutely destroying the middle-class, I’m fairly certain it’s not doing too great on the city’s finances either. Then again, we are represented by a CONgress Member who didn’t read the law (ACA) she voted for in the first place, so there’s that. Not to be outdone, state legislators like Brian, Linda, et al didn’t read it either when they adopted it for Massachusetts. I’m pretty sure Mayor Jimmy’s vision is blocked by his own political ideology when it comes to those “income disparity” issues that Massachusetts leads the nation in.

    I also wonder if Mayor anti-liberty Jimmy has a vision for the neo-feudalism going on in rents in the city? Massachusetts is ahead nationally in those not being homeowners now back at 20-year lows, why not create more serfs over his Dominion? As is, home pricing is nowhere near the realities of incomes, but that “vision” is shielded by The Dark Side of The Force (aka political ideology), and issue that is sure to present itself later. In the meantime, tax/fee The People more, which has been the status quo of this Administration, and don’t worry about what it does to an ever growing poorer populace,

    • Well said. But you forget that the Mayors “vision” is to make himself look good at all costs. His legacy will be one of holding grudges regardless of how it can help the city. He holds grudges to the detriment of the city many times over. He is a political hack who cares only about the perception of his image. Many people who know him, dislike him because he cannot be trusted. The worst thing that can be said about a person is the lacking of integrity and he has none. Sadly, “he coulda been a contenda, he coulda been somebody.”