Draft BYOB Ordinance to be Placed on File Two Weeks

Haverhill city councilors are expected to place on file for two weeks a draft amendment to the city’s alcoholic beverage ordinance which would move the city a step closer to allowing patrons to bring their own bottles (BYOB) to approved businesses.

The ordinance grants the Haverhill License Commission the authority to allow carry-in “wine and malt beverages only in previously unopened containers” at commercial food establishments. At the request of the council last month, the amendment was drafted by City Solicitor William D. Cox Jr.

“Only those applicants operating with 30 or fewer seats within the Central Business District…or operating a bona fide non-profit arts and cultural organization, are eligible for a carry-in alcoholic beverage license,” the draft ordinance reads. “The commission may consider the character of a neighborhood and/or compliance with the City’s zoning code in determining whether or not to issue a carry-in alcoholic beverage license.”

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

One thought on “Draft BYOB Ordinance to be Placed on File Two Weeks

  1. So let’s see ….

    It will be okay for a business with 30 or fewer seats to get an alcohol license, thereby “potentially” taking business away from bars and restaurants who otherwise might get that business.

    But it will not be okay for a food truck to set up shop anywhere except at the far end of downtown because they will “potentially” take away business from those same bars and restaurants.

    Alcohol is okay. Food is not.

    Is there anyone on the city council who can explain how this isn’t blatant public policy discrimination to the owners of the food trucks?