City Council to Study Traffic Concern, One-Way Street Idea

Haverhill City Councilor William J. Macek.

The Haverhill City Council’s Traffic and Safety subcommittee will further study a Riverside neighborhood petition to bring one-way traffic flow to Jordan Street.

Councilors voted unanimously Tuesday night on a motion by Councilor William J. Macek to refer to committee a petition signed by at least 16 Jordan Street residents, requesting either one-way traffic or “the addition of a speed bump.”

“The majority of the residents on Jordan Street agreed to a one-way street,” wrote resident David Vandenhende, 46 Jordan St., who spearheaded the petition to the council.

Jordan Street is a side street near Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley, which connects Groveland Street with East Broadway. Macek, who placed the matter on Tuesday’s agenda, told councilors he “will address getting it through the hoops and hurdles.”

3 thoughts on “City Council to Study Traffic Concern, One-Way Street Idea

    • Hey, in Haverhill, this is important stuff. Next week the Mayor will be touting his pothole swat team and how many potholes they have filled. Then, stay tuned for the upcoming tree planting press release which will be sure to tickle your fancy. Then the annual rail trail release touting more money they want to spend. Pay no attention the the massive amount of debt or the increased gang activity going on. Nothing to see here folks, move along !