Haverhill City Council Conducts Biennial Review of its Rules

City Councilor Colin F. LePage.

City Councilor Colin F. LePage.

A routine agenda marks tonight’s first regular meeting of the newly-composed Haverhill City Council.

An agenda item by Councilor Colin F. LePage, requesting a discussion on council rules and regulations, is a formality following council rules to refer a review by its Administration and Finance committee (A&F), according to LePage.

“The A&F Committee will be reviewing the council rules per our Rule 1: ‘Within the first 60 days of each term of a city council, the members of the city council shall vote to approve, amend, add, or disapprove of its rules and regulations,’” LePage told WHAV.

Also on the agenda, councilors are scheduled to vote on “non-confirming” appointments by the mayor, including the newly-formed independent salary commission, to be chaired by former Mayor John J. Guerin Jr. It would “study the salaries of elected officials in the city and make a recommendation.”

In addition, Councilor Melinda E. Barrett requests a discussion about “speeding on Salem Street.”

The Haverhill City Council meets at 7 p.m., tonight, in Theodore A. Pelosi Jr. Council Chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

2 thoughts on “Haverhill City Council Conducts Biennial Review of its Rules

  1. It is now very well known that mayor Taxman intentionally refuses to give information to any city councilor upon request if it looks like that person is in opposition to where he stands. The city council should pass a rule making it absolutely mandatory that no issue can come up for a vote if there is an outstanding request for information by even one councilor. It’s time to put a stop to the decent, misinformation, and intentional manipulation coming from mayor taxman.

    • “mayor Taxman intentionally refuses to give information” –

      Mayor Jimmy is The President of The Mayors Massachusetts Municipal Association, the number one opponent to “open records” legislation that is supposedly being taken up in the coming session of The MA Legislature. Transparency in this state is exactly what they don’t want as they follow in the footsteps of Obama during “the most transparent Administration ever”. An Administration mind you that has gone after more journalists and whistle-blowers than all Presidents before combined.