Councilor-Elect Vargas to Serve as Trustee at City-Owned Charter School

City Councilor Andy Vargas.

City Councilor Elect Andy Vargas.

Haverhill City Councilor Elect Andy Vargas has been elected a trustee of the Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School.

He will meet students, parents and staff Thursday, Dec. 10, at 5:30 p.m. Those wishing to attend must reserve seats by Tuesday, Dec. 8.

“As a graduate of Haverhill public schools, Andy understands many of the strengths and weaknesses facing our schools, and has a vested interest in our children’s present and future success. We are excited to have Andy as a part of the Silver Hill school community and invite you to learn more about his goals, and share your thoughts/ideas about how we can spread the word that Silver Hill is a public charter school that welcomes all members of the Haverhill community,” reads an invitation.

Bylaws require no less than nine and no more than 13 trustees, including the school principal. Other than the principal, trustees themselves elect other members. Bylaws, however, require one trustee each be a member of the school faculty, a parent of a student attending the school and a representative from business, civic or community organizations. A majority of members must be residents of the city.

Trustees “establish those purposes, programs and procedures which will best produce the educational achievement needed by (Silver Hill) students,” according to the bylaws.

Other trustees include Gene Zylkuski, chairperson; Jennifer Russell, assistant principal and secretary; Jennifer Chmieleski, treasurer; Rich Dellea, parent representative; Russell Marino, parent representative; Megan Duffy, staff representative; Paula Desmaris; Judy Tracey; Joyce Bergeron; and Margaret Shepherd, principal.

One thought on “Councilor-Elect Vargas to Serve as Trustee at City-Owned Charter School

  1. Being a graduate of Haverhill schools is no qualification. What experience does Andy have in educational decision making that qualifies him for this position? He has a ‘vested’ interest? What is that exactly?

    Andy has goals when it comes to Haverhill Charter schools? Now this is news. Because last time he was asked questions publicly, on the WHAV Open Mike Show, his answer to literally ‘every’ question relating to the functioning of Haverhill city government was “I’m not sure, let me research that and get back to you”.

    It looks like the Mann Charter School just hired themselves a puppet.