Councilor-Elect Vargas Makes Haverhill History

City Councilor Andy Vargas.

Haverhill City Councilor-elect Andy Vargas.

Haverhill City Councilor-elect Andy Vargas speaks out on his winning finish as one of the top three vote-getters in that race, which he called “an honor and a blessing.”

Council President John A. Michitson finished as the unofficial top vote-getter with 4,441 votes. Incumbent Councilor Melinda Barrett also finished ahead of Vargas to take the second of nine seats with 3,877 votes. Vargas, who received 3,830 votes, described that experience with supporters as “surreal” and “suspenseful.”

“They called one precinct then as people started getting excited I said, ‘hold on, guys, hold on, it’s one precinct. It’s not an indication of how things are going to turn out overall, so let’s just hang tight.’ But absolutely suspenseful, down to the wire we were waiting to hear all the results before celebrating,” Vargas said.

Vargas, the first Latino elected to Haverhill city office and youngest among the council candidates, credits what he called an “unprecedented” grassroots campaign with residents who “came out to door knock, to make phone calls, to hold signs and vote” with him. “

“The people of Haverhill have said, ‘we want a positive future with a young, experienced candidate with one who can possibly take this amazing position that we are right now in Haverhill and keep that momentum going.’ I’m glad to be a small piece of history in such an historic city,” Vargas said.

Vargas said he hopes his example will draw younger adults, as well as youth, to participate in the political process by “advocating for them and issues they most care about.”

“Not only at the ballot, but deciding to run, deciding to participate and civic engagement throughout the city. Whether it’s showing up to a council meeting, whether it’s calling the mayor, whether it’s calling me, whether it’s putting together a neighborhood group. Staying active, because that’s the only way we’re able to have a thriving, prosperous and safe city is if we have civic engagement across the board from all of our residents,” Vargas said.

Vargas will begin his term on the council in January. He will be joined by Michitson, Barrett, Michael S. McGonagle, Joseph J. Bevilacqua, Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien, Colin F. LePage, William J. Macek and Thomas J. Sullivan.

Vargas was one of few candidates who took time to issue position papers on various subjects. In one, he called reinvigorating neighborhood groups by having at least one city councilor permanently assigned to each association, attending meetings and serving as a contact and liaison between the group and city. He also called for the city to provide formal space (parks, library, etc.) for neighborhood meetings; conduct “pop-up” city halls in different areas of the city, where the full city council would schedule at least one of its meetings annually; and earmark a portion of annual federal Community Development Block Grants to neighborhood needs.

He also called for city councilors to take more active roles in boosting voter turnout. Ironically, his campaign may have benefitted from Tuesday’s low voter count.

Vargas, a graduate of Boston University, is also a community organizer, entrepreneur and longtime resident of Haverhill.

19 thoughts on “Councilor-Elect Vargas Makes Haverhill History

  1. Andy is exactly what Haverhill needs, Duncan, the Jacks, and the other slanderous jerks are what Haverhill doesn’t need. They are a waste of space and I am tired of their behavior on this site.

    • No slander here, I went not only by what his platform stated, but his actual speech.

      Were you at the Greater Haverhill League of Women Voters Candidates Forum? I was, and I know Tim Coco can verify this because that’s where I introduced myself. He can also attest that attendance of this event was pathetic, which is only superseded by the apathetic voting base that did not show. There was nothing presented as new, other than his youth (which I stated prior was refreshing). Unfortunately, parroting the Democratic Party line is nothing to cheer about, especially if you look at what it has done to this City.

      The City is poor, and because of decisions of the past, including those made by the current Mayor as Council Member, has ZERO mathematical possibility of ever recovering. That’s not slander, that math, try it some time, it’s free for all to see in both the “budget” and Municipal Securities Rule Making Board website. The line where it says state aid, courtesy of Brian Dempsey’s theft as State House Ways & Means Chair is not progress, it is economic enslavement for Residents. I can’t help if you and the acolytes like yourself who praise our current government are too economically, financially, and mathematically illiterate.

      Maybe you’re a beneficiary of cronyism in this city and state? Most are not, and most are being destroyed by such. Of course if you are a said beneficiary or friend of the crony, corrupt, nepotistic monsters in power, then what do you care if everyone else gets to eat cake? Right?

    • Andy’s got a lot in common with the Community Organizer in Chief…..
      Someone needs to check Andy’s birth certificate being the child of illegal trespassing dreamers.

      The headline should have read: First Anchor Baby Elected in Haverhill History

      • I love how you sit here hidden behind the internet constantly slandering him. Maybe you should find a more productive use of your time. I am happy to see a younger face involved in our city’s politics. If you have such a problem with the way things are, why don’t you make the commitment and run?

        • So a “young face” is a qualification for a job, is it?
          It’s that kind of thinking that has elected the incompetent hacks running the city who have put this city $100Million dollars in debt, raised taxes 25% in ten years and literally made the city insolvent.

          But he’s such a nice boy, isn’t he?…..wait until him and the other extreme liberals running this city propose making Haverhill a sanctuary city and it’s overrun with illegals flooding the schools and crime goes through the roof, as if it isn’t bad enough already.

          Dee…it’s not slander when it’s the truth!!!

        • They would never win because they are laughed at far and wide – not to mention the out right garbage of calling him an anchor baby. Disgusting.

      • Jack Haverhill. Don’t be so shy about your feelings. Bask in the glory of being known as a racist pig who probably know one ever listens to in real life because he is angry about everything in life. I know you Jack Haverhill. Here on the internet you think you get to be heard. Yep, You get to channel that anger to every idea, every project, every person, everything and you never fail to let us all into your twisted mind and views of the world.

        • Jack’s views are twisted – really? Lower taxes, less government intrusion, a strong economy, and enforced immigration laws….that’s “twisted” in your view?

          I guess you would have told George Washington and Thomas Jefferson they were “twisted” too…and we should just obey the crown.

          I’m surprised people with logic like you have enough brain power to know how to breathe.

          • OMG, another ass-hat trying to make sense of his anger and racism. the Chairmanoftheboard. Should we all be impressed with that name. With a handle like that we have to expect pure genius not the same tired old drivel you are sharing.
            OK, ass-hat #2. Of course, I agree with lower taxes, etc and all you mention. In fact I am pretty conservative and identify as a libertarian more than republican. I am as white as they come with a super privileged background so it was also all handed to me and I gladly accepted. I also served honorably in the military during war time. Did either of you tow ass-hats do so? I volunteer my time and my coin to help wherever I can in the city and out of the city. Do you two ass-hats do this? In terms of intelligence required to breath, let’s all thank Ted Cruz & God that I am still breathing. Maybe it the high IQ, and all the advanced degrees/certifications I someone woke up with. Perhaps it is my technical acumen. Who knows, I am not bragging or maybe I am. I just seem to be secure knowing that there is no possible way that any of your ass-hats posting on here are remotely smarter than me.
            Plus the part about Thomas Jefferson & George Washington was just plain stupid and you are really stretching to sound intelligent. You need to go back and read more books on the subject. Facebook is not really a news source.
            OK, perhaps I am an itsy bit pissed off at cowardly loudmouths like you old ass-hats that like to sound intelligent on these posts. Half the crap you spew is so way off base but you idiots keep posting it so I supposed there are plenty of idiots out there that agree with you. Apparently there are if Trump becomes president.
            Now with the platitude covered, you are not all wrong. It just that every time you monkeys try to post anything intelligence it is distorted. It as if you guys speak through a magical truth prism that alters the truths slightly to fit your very twisted views of how the world, our state, our city is run. Isn’t it odd that you all seem to be threatened by a Latino city councilor? Are any of you losers even qualified to run a lemonade stand? Perhaps Andy is just so darn cute and you are threatened by his boyish good looks. Can I get a Jerrry Sandusky ! Oorah! All of the issues that you guys whine about (and I mean epic whining is going on here folks) are much too complex for your remaining gray matter to support.

          • Jerry

            You actually sound like the ‘angry” person with your name calling and poor attitude. No – you don’t have to be impressed with my online moniker either – it was simply a comical name to use, however, it appears your ‘anger’ got in the way again even when it came to that.

            Thank you for your service in the military. I too served my country in the US Army – from 1981 – 1985. I apologize if you are offended that there was not a ‘war’ per se when i served, hopefully you don’t believe that diminishes my service in any way.

            I also work full time, support my family and volunteer in the community quite often as well ( i usually just don’t brag about it – I find that tacky)

            I’m also happy to see you believe ‘Ted Cruz and God’ are on equal footing when it comes to your ability to breathe, I find that very telling about you.

            I graduated in the top 10% of my class in college – majoring in international economics, and also graduated from law school with my JD – primarily focused on labor law, and currently work as a sales manager for a top high-technology company, so, to be honest, I’m pretty confident that I am “smarter than you” – to rebut your presumption.

            I really don’t think my comments on Washington and Jefferson were ‘stupid’ – as you say – as I am an avid reader on our founding fathers. Also, I agree with you about Facebook – I have never used it, so perhaps you have more in depth knowledge about it.

            I simply agree with much of what Jack posts – and I am not a fan of Andy Vargas – his politics, background in policy decisions, and see no enduring qualities – including ‘good looks’ ‘fresh face’ or age – that is an important or deciding factor in his ability to make decisions for those of us who pay the tremendous taxes in this city and state – heaved upon us by people who are elected and have zero concern for the people they are effectively taxing out of the city.

            If you’re a fan of Andy being “cute” (your words) or have some fascination with “Jerry Sandusky” – as you say – I wish you the best and hope you find great comfort in those matters.

            However, when it comes to ‘anger’ you appear far more angry in your posts – and far less intelligent when it comes to actual facts that Jack does.

            But – that’s just my opinion. Best Wishes to you Jerry!

          • This to Jerry….. And your point is? It is not the Latino part that disturbs me, it is Andy Vargas’ Community Organizer status, and all that it stands for.

    • Yes, he is. He is also quite radical from what I understand. So we need to watch what he is doing outside the council as to what he may do inside the council. His election has the Mayors fingerprints all over it. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Mayor.

      • Actually they have Brian Dempsey’s fingerprints, he worked for Dempsey.

        At least we know what we’re getting – more deficit spending in a municipality that is bankrupt. At the same time, while this state and city continue to increase the costs of living via fees and taxation, The People continue to become poorer, but none of the criminals want to go there…Then again, The People continue to elect those that do them and their families harm.

          • Ass-Hat alert! Thinly veiled racism perpetrated all over this blog by forgotten anger old white men with nothing better to do but share their infinite stupidity with us. Please move to Alabama or better yet NC where they can protect you from sex-starved trannies.