Haverhill Chief DeNaro May Be Up for MBTA Police Chief

Haverhill Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro is said to be one of the finalists for the position of MBTA transit police chief.

If ultimately selected, DeNaro would succeed Chief Paul MacMillan, who retired last fall. Deputy Chief Kenneth Green, who joined the MBTA Transit Police Department in 1991, has filled the position on an interim basis. MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo declined to confirm the report.

“The MBTA will not compromise the integrity of the ongoing selection process by commenting on it before it is completed,” Pesaturo said. He did say, however, “There were 69 applicants originally. Six finalist candidates were recently interviewed. There is no specific timeline for selecting a new chief.”

DeNaro did not return a telephone call or email message before WHAV’s deadline.

The Haverhill Police Department is currently seeking to fill the position of deputy police chief. Finalists for that post are said to be, in alphabetical order, Anthony Haugh, Kim J. Parolisi and Robert P. Pistone. It is up to Mayor James J. Fiorentini to make a selection from the three to replace retired Deputy Police Chief Donald Thompson.

5 thoughts on “Haverhill Chief DeNaro May Be Up for MBTA Police Chief

    • $242k ??? where did you pull that number from, the land of Oz ? Obviously you forget what the HPD was like before he became Chief. You had cops running drug rings. We had a satellite police station down at the casinos in Ct. Then a Sgt. became Chief which was great for morale. Sure Ron, whatever you say.

  1. Well you’ve got to assume he wants out of Haverhill and working under mayor Taxman.

    Ask anyone who reports directly to Taxman what it’s like with him as their manager….it’s torturous. Just track the number of people who work under him and how much longer they work after they qualify to take their pension. It’s not uncommon that people will work a bit longer after reaching that qualification date, many times because of their young age and/or because they like their job. But not those that report directly to Taxman. All those folks retire immediately. They can’t get out fast enough.