Baker Names Fiorentini, Others to Economic Development Planning Council

During last year’s gubernatorial campaign, Charlie Baker met with Mayor James J. Fiorentini at Haverhill City Hall.

Haverhill Mayor James J. Fiorentini was sworn in Tuesday as a member of Gov. Charlie Baker’s Economic Development Planning Council.

Besides Fiorentini, Baker also appointed local businessman Salvatore Lupoli, president and CEO, of Lupoli Companies; Robert Halpin, former president of the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council and now Framingham town manager; Jeevan Ramapriya, former deputy chief of staff to state Sen. Steven A. Baddour; and attorney John Smolak of North Andover.

“I am honored as the only mayor to be appointed and serve on the Economic Development Planning Council. The valuable mix of public and private sector experts will add a broad perspective to our discussion,” Fiorentini said in a statement.

Baker made the appointments prior to the group’s initial meeting with Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash to discuss the administration’s forthcoming economic development plan. The plan, shaped by feedback that the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development gathered during listening sessions earlier this year, and guided by the council, will be submitted to the legislature for approval later this year.

“The planning council offers an opportunity for engagement with business, public and non-profit sector leaders on a wide range of economic development priorities and programs,” said Baker. “Their invaluable experience will help guide our planning and implementation, and I look forward to continued partnerships as we work to develop Massachusetts’ economy, and ensure that communities across the Commonwealth share in our economic growth.”

The council is comprised of representatives from banking, innovation, manufacturing, and other industries; representatives of non-profits and membership organizations; and the co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technology, Senator Eileen Donoghue, and Representative Joseph Wagner. Administration and Finance Secretary Kristen Lepore, Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Ron Walker, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton, and Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack will also serve as members. Ash will chair the council.

The council will convene again for the second and final time on December 9th to offer its final recommendations. Massachusetts law requires the appointment of an economic development planning council, and the filing of an economic development plan, within the first year of each new gubernatorial administration.

One thought on “Baker Names Fiorentini, Others to Economic Development Planning Council

  1. Just goes to show how absolutely out of touch Baker is. He obviously has no idea of mayor Failurentini’s economic resume.

    The Hale Hospital: This has to be mayor Taxman’s crowning achievement. When a tax and spend politician champions entering into a private sector investment which puts city taxpayers over $100Million dollars in debt what else can liberals across the state call that other than success.

    Empty downtown storefronts…empty business parks: Yet another success of Taxman’s intrusive tax policies.

    Taxes up 25% in just the last 8 years: Is business growth up 25%? Not to mention public services which directly impact economic development. Does the city have 25% more cops? Firemen? Teachers? Where does the money go?

    Healthy Pharms: I wonder if Baker is aware of the steps mayor Taxman took to defraud city councilors in order to bring Healthy Pharms and their pot distribution facility to the city?

    Blue Finn Grill: I wonder if Baker knows about the harassment a small businessman endured at the hands of Taxman just trying to open a restaurant in the city?

    New police department headquarters: Even when Taxman uses taxpayer funds to develop the city’s infrastructure via upgraded facilities it’s a complete failure.

    Harbor Place: Entering into a private real estate endeavor with taxpayer funds that people who make their livings in commercial real estate wouldn’t touch for 40 years. When it ends up like the Hale Hospital liberals will still be so proud.

    Eminent Domain Ruling: I can’t imagine Baker’s idea of economic development is the taking of private property with the sole purpose of reselling it to a private corporation as Taxman and the city council recently enacted.

    I literally can’t think of one thing that anyone can point to that Failurentini has EVER been involved with which is a positive economic achievement. Is there even one?