Three Police Captains Seek Post of Deputy Chief

Haverhill Police Captains Anthony Haugh and Robert P. Pistone and Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro in March.

Three Haverhill police captains are seeking the vacant position of deputy police chief.

Finalists for the post are said to be, in alphabetical order, Anthony Haugh, Kim J. Parolisi and Robert P. Pistone. It is up to Mayor James J. Fiorentini to make a selection from the three to replace retired Deputy Police Chief Donald Thompson.

Fiorentini’s Chief of Staff David S. Van Dam said this morning he did not have the list in front of him. He referred requests to Human Resources Director Denise McClanahan, but she was unavailable. WHAV contends the information is public record and that the mayor and Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro are operating as a de facto selection committee.

In March, then-lieutenants Haugh and Pistone were each elevated to the rank of acting captain in a city hall swearing-in ceremony. At about the same time, at Fiorentini’s request, Haverhill city councilors voted unanimously to ask the legislature to remove the position of deputy police chief from civil service. Civil service protection was designed to take politics out of the appointment process. The petition, since approved by the legislature, gives current and future mayors sole authority to name anyone to non-civil service positions and determine contract terms, including length of service.

“In 1884, Massachusetts became the second state to pass civil service legislation, which intended to end patronage in government hiring. Governor Dexter Robinson signed the Massachusetts Civil Service Act of 1884, which the Boston Transcript called ‘probably the most important act which has passed the legislature for years,’” wrote Daniel D’Isidoro in 2006.

Critics contend civil service forces communities to hire and keep unqualified candidates.

3 thoughts on “Three Police Captains Seek Post of Deputy Chief

  1. Agree on Thompson. We’re a long way from the days of Jake, although I think we would have been better off if Brighi never retired and we didn’t get this guy who hides behind his desk all day, every day

  2. Don Thompson is a real good guy and served the city well. He’s a real class act. There is no one employed in any position throughout the entire city that does their job and conducts themselves in such a professional manner as Don did. Congratulations on your retirement Don!!

    Whoever the control freak mayor Taxman chooses they’ll have a hard time replacing Don.

  3. Civil Service is a mixed bag. In public safety, residents get priority (and Veterans to the top over civilians), so while there may be “qualified” candidates (entry level only requires High School education), there may be better candidates outside of town.

    As far as Deputy Chief*, sadly Mr. Haugh should withdraw, he has zero chance. Why? He committed the Cardinal Sin of donating to a Republican: Charlie Baker. That is definitely a no-no, although the way Charlie leans, especially on illegal invaders, there might be a slim glimmer of hope, slim though.

    Parolisi has a “chance”. as the family (not her) appears to have cut a check for the Taxman himself, Jimmy. Like I said, chance. If she thought ahead, Dempsey, State Democratic Committee, Jimmy, and heck even DiZoglio and Campbell should have been thrown a check for a sure thing. Something to think about in the future.

    Pistone should probably start salivating, it’s so close he can taste it. Word on the street is the family is close to DeNaro, defacto “in” with Taxman Jimmy. It also helps he has been a loyal contributor, while not big, it still looks great, and Jimmy likes that. All he has to do to seal the deal is agree with any of the decisions or thoughts Jimmy or Brian have. Independent and free though is not tolerated, so don’t make the mistake.

    *In full disclosure, something Massachusetts politicians don’t like to do, I don’t know any of these people personally or professionally, nor do I gain anything from any of them personally or professionally. This is just and example of the way cronyism and nepotism rules in this city & state, and it doesn’t seem to mind pols in the least. This kind of lawlessness made legal is extremely harmful for any Nation of People that believe in a free and just Republic, which does not exist in this state, and sadly, in decline in our country as a whole.