Pham Joins Gov. Baker at Haverhill Business Event Wednesday

Governor Charles D. Baker.

As Governor Charles D. Baker visits Haverhill Wednesday evening as featured speaker at the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) annual dinner, he will be joined by at least one guest dignitary, who returns to the area after speaking last month at a chamber business expo.

Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development Assistant Secretary of Business Development Nam Pham joins Baker and others during the event, beginning at 6 p.m., Wednesday, at DiBurro’s Function Hall, Ward Hill, According to MVCC Assistant Vice President Michael A. Bevilacqua. Pham was featured speaker at a VIP luncheon Sept. 16 during the Chamber’s annual “Fall Back To Business Expo, Trade Show, Job, Health and Wellness Fair.”

“He was a hit in the sense of how he would help businesses and business growth in the Merrimack Valley,” Bevilacqua told WHAV. “He stressed the importance of small business as well.” Pham oversees the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, Office of Travel and Tourism, Film Office and Office of International Trade and Investment.

As WHAV first reported in August, Mrs. Thomas Menino is expected to accept, on behalf of the late Boston mayor, the chamber’s “Leadership and Valor Award.” Emmaus, Inc. will be the recipient of a “Community Spirit Award.” Also, Eagle-Tribune Publisher Karen Andreas will be presented the Chamber’s “Wilkinson Good Citizenship Award, according to a flyer.

One thought on “Pham Joins Gov. Baker at Haverhill Business Event Wednesday

  1. Hey Charlie, put your BS meter on high when you talk to Mr. Failurentini about what a great place Haverhill is to do business. He’s Mayor Taxman who has imposed parking taxes, meals taxes, raised property taxes literally every year of his administration and goes out of his way to target business owners if they dare speak out against his tax and spend policies.

    Charlie, the only way businesses stay in Haverhill is by mayor Taxman giving them tax incentives to do so, which means taxpayers are paying for Taxman’s incompetence and failed policies. Haverhill just lost another significant employer when New England Die Cutting Corporation and the 44 jobs they provide when they decided they’ve had enough and moved to Methuen.

    Joe Bevilacqua…are you kidding? Did you discuss with Nam Pham how Haverhill businesses were severely inconvenienced when a movie studio rented downtown shutting it down and then they went on to literally terrorize people who lived and visited the area during filming? Another blunder by mayor Taxman who still has not informed taxpayers how much the movie studio paid to rent downtown or what he did with the money. Like always…he just assumes no one is paying attention.

    Joe…maybe you can mention to Mr. Pham how mayor Failurentini and the Haverhill City Council is in the process of taking a business owners building by eminent domain downtown with the sole purpose of the city to sell it to a real estate developer. Now there’s a business environment that I’m sure would attract lots of business owners.

    How pathetic is it that Eagle-Tribune Publisher Karen Andreas is being honored by the MVCC? The ET cuts a deal with mayor Taxman not to print articles that show the failings, corruption and incompetence coming from his office and for that MVCC gives them an award? Unbelievable….