While Husband Awaits Hearing, Family Celebrates Kate Church’s Life

Matthew Church, 33, at Haverhill District Court.
Kate_ChurchWhile her husband stands accused of physically abusing her, Kate Elizabeth (Lampron) Church’s life will be celebrated by family and friends.

Church, 31, of Georgetown, died Sept. 2. Essex Assistant District Attorney Kim Faitella said, despite her husband’s assertions to the contrary, police found the victim was not under the influence of alcohol but did suffer bruises to her arms, legs and back. She refused an emergency medical team’s suggestion to be hospitalized for concern of possible serious internal injury. Later, however, police found the victim dead during a return call from her father who traveled from western Massachusetts and could not enter the home.

Meanwhile, Matthew Church, 33, is scheduled to return to Haverhill District Court for a hearing Sept. 29. He remains held without bail.

Kate Church was born in March,1984, in Northampton, to Robert and Sally. During her childhood, she enjoyed playing outdoors, going on bike rides, and fishing with her father. She also loved to help her mom Sally, cook in the kitchen. At the age of three and a half, Kate became a big sister, a title that she took very seriously, except for the time when she convinced her little sister, Rebecca, that it would be a good idea to pour a bottle of maple syrup over her head while their dad had his back turned making pancakes.

She graduated from Northampton High School in 2002 and proceeded to graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders.

Church worked as a highly skilled speech therapist, starting her career at the Gerena Montessori and the Arts Magnet School in Springfield. In December, 2009, she and her husband Matthew moved to eastern Massachusetts to pursue her passion as a speech therapist at the Webster School, Everett, and spent the last two years of her career providing therapy to special needs students at the Madeline English School, also in Everett.

She and her husband shared many hobbies together such as “storm chasing” along the coast, cooking and gardening together, and enjoying many vacations with her husband’s parents, Robert and Sue Church

A private celebration of her life will be held at the family’s discretion. The Williamsburg Funeral Home, Williamsburg, announced the arrangements Tuesday.

One thought on “While Husband Awaits Hearing, Family Celebrates Kate Church’s Life

  1. That bastard killed his beautiful wife Kate and that’s all he gets for sentencing? The cops heard his lies when he called his parole officer and said she had hit her chin on the sink, but when they got there she had bruises all over her body and the husband said she had been drinking, but they smelled no alcohol. She even showed them text messages of her saying to her husband “my chest hurts” and he was already on probation for domestic abuse. Kate wouldn ‘t press charges, but when the father tried to get her that night (he lived in the western part of the state) he could not and he called the police who found her dead next to her bed. What a travesty of justice this is. The only consolation her friends and co-workers have is that he will have to answer to God for what he did to her. Right to hell with him. Whoever the husband comes from the people must be white trash or rich and have someone in their pocket because nobody ever said what the autopsy showed. So I guess you can kill someone and get a year in a correctional institution and since he had already been in jail 18 months he must have had that subtracted from whatever the real sentencing. So feel free to kill someone and you will get off SO easy. He should have been sent away for life in prison?