Haverhill Police Seeking Identity of Graffiti Artist

vandalism_graffitti_3-230Haverhill police are seeking the public’s help to find at least one suspected graffiti artist in a rash of tagging incidents on several buildings in the city.

The lettered artwork has been showing up in various locations around Haverhill, according to a police spokesperson. Photographs released by police show at least one residential dwelling was also tagged with spray-painted letters, “TNUC.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Haverhill police. Anonymous tips can be left either on a tip line at (978) 374-2411, at www.haverhillpolice.com or by private message.

4 thoughts on “Haverhill Police Seeking Identity of Graffiti Artist

  1. I sincerely hope someone comes forward to identify these taggers who are defacing property that does not belong to them. Taggers need to find something constructive to do; bums, one and all.