State, Groveland Police Detonate Abandoned Railroad Flare

With help from a homeowner in Groveland, an old railroad flare and other “potentially dangerous explosives” discovered Wednesday were detonated by a Massachusetts State Police bomb squad.

Groveland police responded to a call from a woman at a residence on Garrison Street at approximately 9 a.m., Wednesday, to report that she located a box with old dynamite inside, according to Groveland Police Chief Robert J. Kirmelewicz. A state police bomb squad later arrived and determined the items consisted of an old railroad flare and audible warning devices that sounded when trains were approaching. While the items were not high explosives, police decided that safely detonating the items was the best course of action.

“We are pleased that this resident did the right thing and called police the moment she found potentially dangerous explosives in her home,” Kirmelewicz said. “I commend the work of all those involved for their swift and efficient response and for preventing any injuries or disturbances to the community.”

The homeowner, who owns a 60-acre field in town, gave police permission to detonate the items on their property. Surrounding neighbors were notified and Groveland Fire and Trinity Ambulance responded as stand-by.

The homeowner was given the honor of “pressing the button” that safely detonated the explosives from a distance, Kirmelewicz said.