Council Nixes Latest East Broadway Used Car Lot in Close Vote

Another round of revised conditions, but ultimate failure for a proposed used car sales lot at an East Broadway auto repair business.

In the end, Haverhill city councilors Tuesday voted 5-4 against a further amended special permit request to allow a two-vehicle used car sales area at Ideal Cars and Service Center, 7-9 East Broadway. Neighbors for and against the latest plan spoke during a public hearing.

New conditions from the council included lighting restrictions, limiting towing hours to within business hours. An amendment from Councilor William H. Ryan for higher privacy fencing to an abutter would have been subject to board of appeals approval. He said he was trying to do the best for the neighbors, including a nephew whom he disclosed is an abutter.

“It’s there, it’s gonna be there. I want to make sure that it doesn’t impact any more on the neighborhood than it is now. The best way to do that is to take this very restrictive proposal that’s before us and vote for it tonight. And I have, for a matter of public information, asked the city solicitor about going there and also having a relative on the other side. And I filed with the city clerk a disclosure with all of those points, which he recommended I do and the city clerk officially accepted it,” Ryan said.

2 thoughts on “Council Nixes Latest East Broadway Used Car Lot in Close Vote

  1. Someone finally woke Bill Ryan up.
    I guess it takes a matter that involves a relative to do it.

    Hey Bill…too bad you aren’t this energized during budget season.