Council Receives $1.2 Million Police Garage Request

A plan to finance construction of a proposed $1.2 million Haverhill police fleet maintenance facility on Primrose Street will be placed on file for two weeks during Tuesday’s Haverhill city council meeting.

The price tag is twice what officials estimated a year ago.

According to council documents, a proposed bond order calls for the city to allocate $325,000 from the Elmo D’Alessandro trust account and borrow $900,000 to pay for the fleet maintenance facility. A construction contract is ready to be awarded to Construction Dynamics Inc., Clinton, based on their May 21 bid, Mayor James J. Fiorentini said.

“Once construction of the new facility is complete the city will no longer need to pay to lease the current space, which currently cost $28,000 annually at Kazmiera Marina, Coffin Avenue. The proposed facility is significantly more efficient than the current leased space and will see a reduction in utility cost as well.”

Last year, the D’Alessandro trust account was used to pay for a $367,825 project to replace the roofing at Haverhill police headquarters on Bailey Boulevard. The project also incurred a cost overrun of $79,300 for a new roof ventilation system.

The Haverhill city council meets at 7 p.m., Tuesday, in council chambers at Haverhill City Hall.

7 thoughts on “Council Receives $1.2 Million Police Garage Request

  1. A citizen puts money in a trust for the city, and the administration uses it to put a roof???? on a fairly new and construction problem plagued building. Why didn’t the contractor have to make the shoddy materials and workmanship right??? I will never ever understand why local/state/federal government contracts allow inferior work and materials with no penalty, simply award the contract and throw your money away. Hope the new Hunking will have a better fate than the first one.

  2. I would like to see more than ONE new fire engine coming. A few of them are past their service life and look like they will snap in half when they hit a pothole.

    • You are spot on. The equipment these guys have to use it horrendous. No different than only having under 90 cops in a city of this size. You have to use outdated 25 year old patrol models because they don’t have the manpower to deal with problems correctly. Methuen has far more cops than we do and 20k less people. Go figure.

    • The toters only work when they can be accessed without parked cars and snow banks. Take a rode to another city like I did and see how bad it is to access them and how much more time it takes to do the route. Also, say goodbye to leaxing out any bulky items. If they don;t fit into the tote, they will not take it any longer. Now what ?

  3. Twice the estimate…..just like the trash contract last summer that forced the toters on us. Or did it? Did the winter we had prove the Mayor wrong and make him realize that they wouldn’t work?