WHAV Siting Issue Requires Donors’ Generous Help to ‘Make Waves’

While Haverhill’s new WHAV FM station has overcome enormous obstacles to gain federal licensing, antenna-siting hurdles are causing delays and substantially driving up costs.

To help overcome the latest obstacles, non-profit WHAV is continuing to conduct its “Make Waves” campaign to raise money necessary to build FM transmitter facilities.

WHAV is currently working to secure land for its low-power antenna in the eastern part of the city. Originally, the radio station planned to use Silver Hill—home of the original Haverhill radio station—but agreed to move eastward in a legal settlement to accommodate another new station in Lawrence. The eastward move means a site must be secured and permitted, new power and communication lines run and brand new facilities constructed, officials said.

Once on-air, the new FM station’s signal is expected to reach all surrounding communities and extend to the ocean. Meanwhile, the station’s audio may be heard via the Internet and participating public access television stations across the Merrimack Valley.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized construction of a WHAV’s new FM radio station for Greater Haverhill Jan. 9.The construction permit was awarded to Public Media of New England Inc., parent of WHAV. The non-commercial station will operate on 97.9 MHz FM and be the only FM station with Haverhill as its “city of license.”

In March, the U.S. Coast Guard, which took control of the WHAV call letters in 2008, released them to Public Media of New England. The military branch previously assigned WHAV to an oil industry barge, “Penn 91,” for its onboard radio station.

The siting hurdle has substantially added to costs, making your contributions even more vital. Tom Bergeron, host of Hollywood’s Dancing with the Stars, is honorary chairperson of the fundraising campaign to cover these unusual expenses. Bergeron began his career at WHAV in 1972.

A WHAV membership is granted to all charter donors. To make an online contribution, click here. Otherwise, contributions may be mailed to:

189 Ward Hill Ave.
Haverhill, MA 01835-6973

As of May 24, the following contributions were received:

Contributor Gift
Al Brenner $50.00
Jack Roy $100.00
Tom Bergeron $1,000.00
Jessica Finocchiaro $20.00
Dave Tibbetts $250.00
Marc Lemay $25.00
Larry Olasky $50.00
Elaine Barker $50.00
Larry Seaman $50.00
Jean Poth $50.00
WXBJ Radio $25.00
Gerald McCall $100.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00
Mary O’Neil $50.00
Joseph Edwards $200.00
Patricia Johnson $50.00
Carolyn & Charles Russell $25.00
Fred Simmons $100.00
Stan Colten $25.00
Jay McDonough $20.00
Connie Corr $25.00
Michael LaBonte $100.00
Tom Stites $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Gregory & Joan Caliri $100.00
Alvinza Hanson $50.00
Donna Halper $60.00
Kendall & Evelyn Smith $100.00
Thomas & Katina Mortimer $250.00
Ken Bernard $50.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00
David Goudsward $100.00
William & Maureen Ryan $100.00
Matt Pereira $25.00
Marcia and Dale Rogers $200.00
Colin LePage $100.00
Eva Rajczyk $25.00

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