Employer Questions About Earned Sick Time Law Heard June 2

Attorney General Maura Healey’s office will explain the new earned sick time law that is set to go into effect July 1, and answer questions from local business owners and the public at a June 2 meeting in Lawrence.

The informational forum is scheduled June 2 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Lawrence Public Library, 51 Lawrence St. Parking is available on the street around the library and at the nearby Buckley Parking Garage, 99 Amesbury St. State Senator Barbara L’Italien asked for the meeting.

“After speaking with the attorney general’s office, I am confident she will prioritize the concerns that have been raised by employers about the new law’s implementation,” L’Italien said. “Attorney General Healey has committed to working cooperatively with employers to educate them about the new law, provide further clarity, and respond to individual questions and requests.”

The attorney’s general Office did not plan on holding a forum in Lawrence until contacted by L’Italien. Other forums are to be held in Boston, Lowell, Salem, Framingham, Springfield, Pittsfield, Fall River, Brockton, West Barnstable and Worcester.

Massachusetts voters passed the earned sick leave law by ballot initiative in November.

The law requires employers provide earned paid sick time to eligible employees if they maintained 11 or more employees on the payroll during 20 or more weeks (whether consecutive or not) or for 16 consecutive weeks over either the current or preceding calendar year.

Business groups and some nonprofit organizations have voiced concern the mandate will lead to increased personnel costs and other problems.

Many employers lobbied to delay implementing the law until January, 2016, arguing businesses need time to fully understand the regulations and adjust their policies. Attorney General Healy has firmly stood by the July 1 start date, however, citing the need to give a boost to the state’s lowest paid workers.

Gov. Charlie Baker has said he intends to implement the law, which he has called the most comprehensive earned sick time policy in the country.

The proposed regulations are available for review at http://www.mass.gov/ago/regulations.

The attorney general’s office is also accepting public comments on the proposed regulations through June 10 at [email protected]. (Include a reference to “Earned Sick Time” in the subject line).

One thought on “Employer Questions About Earned Sick Time Law Heard June 2

  1. Nothing is certain in Massachusetts, where we have a sad history of our State Legislature completely ignores the will of The People, as well as our vote. State Senator Barbara L’Italien of course just proved this yesterday when The State Senate voted not to reduce the state income tax to 5.00% and to keep it at 5.15%, even though voters by an overwhelming margin passed it by ballot measure over a decade ago. Of course, this is L’Italien, who not only epitomizes hypocrisy (i.e. payment of property taxes), but never met a Beacon Hill crony tax increase upon The People and pay increases for her fellow cronies on Bacon Hill.