School Committee to Learn About HHS Student Privacy Investigation

School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti.

The Haverhill School Committee is expected to learn more Thursday night about an investigation at the high school into “unauthorized access and release of student records.”

The investigation is governed by a 1974 federal law, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and similar state regulations.

School Committeeman Paul A. Magliocchetti is requesting Haverhill High Principal Beth Kitsos provide the committee “details of how the investigation is being conducted, including the role of the attorney general’s office.” A discussion is also expected to explain the laws and regulations and “the role of the school committee.” According to documents, Magliocchetti originally requested the discussion to be placed on the agenda of the committee’s April 30 meeting, which was dominated by a budget review for the next school year that begins July 1.

Also on the agenda, Superintendent James F. Scully is asking the committee to give its approval, joining 15 other area school districts, of amended and restated articles of the Collaborative for Regional Educational Services and Training (CREST). The group has proposed to add Dracut Public Schools and Triton Regional School District to its membership. An article on associate membership to districts awaiting final approval does not grant those districts voting rights on CREST, but they would be able to “participate on advisory committees and receive the board approved reduction in tuition and services.”

The Haverhill school committee meets at 7 p.m., Thursday.