Unstable Man Swings Golf Club at Children, Bites Police Officer

A man described by Haverhill police as “mentally ill” is undergoing an evaluation at an undisclosed hospital following an alleged assault against two officers who tried to restrain him Tuesday afternoon for behavior near a bus stop on Emerson Street.

The unidentified man was observed by Haverhill narcotics detectives “swinging a golf club near little kids getting off bus,” according to Detective Captain Robert P. Pistone,  Haverhill Police spokesperson.

“When officers tried to restrain him he bit one of the officers and tried to light another officer’s arm with a lighter,” Pistone told WHAV. “He was sent to hospital for mental evaluation and will be charged later. The two officers affected were narcotics detectives who witnessed his behavior and stopped to protect the kids from possibly being harmed by him.”

There were no injuries reported to any of the children.

In other police news, A Haverhill man is facing an alleged repeat drug distribution charge following his arrest by Haverhill Police Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Vine and Pentucket streets. According to police, Carlos Mojica-Diaz, 40, of Haverhill, was charged with distribution of a class A drug (subsequent offense). The arrest occurred at 2 p.m., Tuesday. He is due to be arraigned in Haverhill District Court.

Warrant Arrests

Salvatore Fazio, 34, 127 How St., Haverhill, warrant: failure to provide DNA, Ginty Boulevard at Main Street, 12:26 p.m.

Luis M. Defex, 32, 31 South Riverview St., Haverhill, 2 warrants: operation of a motor vehicle with suspended registration (2 counts), operating an uninsured motor vehicle (2 counts), 95 Winter St., 2:30 p.m.

One thought on “Unstable Man Swings Golf Club at Children, Bites Police Officer

  1. Emerson Street….This is in and/or borders The Acre doesn’t it? Can you imagine this happening there when Councilor Thomas Sullivan said in a different article here on WHAV that he thinks this area is the ‘Future of Haverhill’.

    Councilor … word of advice…maybe you should check in with the Chief of Police about the crime statistics before making those kind of statements. Better yet, take a ride through some night after 10pm to see what it’s really like there. And councilor…FYI…make sure the windows in your car are up.