Newcomers Seek Haverhill Mayor, City Council and School Seats

At least three newcomers intend to seek public office, including the office of mayor, as several campaigns prepare for this year’s municipal elections in Haverhill.

According to Haverhill City Clerk Linda L. Koutoulas, Sherwin R. Theodore, 67 Washington St., Haverhill, has taken out nomination papers for mayor. Also, newcomers Katrina Everett, 111 Colby St. and Michael Shurman, 742 Washington St., have taken out papers for city council and school committee respectively.

Meanwhile, some incumbents and previous candidates for city council have also drawn nominating papers. Among them, incumbent councilors Colin LePage, William Macek, Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien and Thomas Sullivan; as well as former Councilor Kenneth Quimby Jr. and past candidate Fred Simmons.

Other city incumbents, including six-term Mayor James J. Fiorentini, have yet to take out nomination papers.

5 thoughts on “Newcomers Seek Haverhill Mayor, City Council and School Seats

  1. I’ll vote for the person who refuses to tear down rather than renovate our historic buildings. I’m dead again’st shiny glass towers. I’ve not gotten over the destruction of the old city hall and surrounding buildings.

  2. My husband and I support the Mayor for the very reasons given above by Jack:

    * Fiorentini scrambled to find revenues that created better schools and policing, both of which were sorely needed.
    * Fiorentini expanded the tax revenue by bringing in new businesses to Haverhill and new investments from the state level.
    * Fiorentini 100% supports preserving the wonderful historical heritage of Haverhill, such as establishing the Haverhill Shoeworkers’ Plaza.

    We will vote for him until he no longer wants to run because he is fiscally conservative.

  3. Sherwin R. Theodore: I have no idea who you are and what your experience is. What I do know is you CAN NOT be any worse than the current mayor.

    Sherwin, if you want to beat Fiorentini run on “HIS” record as mayor. Put together information on how he’s an out of control big government democrat and go door to door to let Haverhill citizens know who exactly they’ve been electing. Here are just a few of his ‘accomplishments’…..

    –In the past 8 years property taxes in Haverhill have risen over 25% !!!!
    –The mayor instituted a meals tax
    –The mayor instituted a parking tax
    –The mayor invested in a vehicle and employees to fine people when parking downtown by filling quotas to raise cash
    –Taxpayers paid to build a parking garage and have to pay market rates to use it.
    –The mayor unbelievably hired employees to fine people for not putting their trash out at their curb properly
    –30 city employees conspired with each other to steal $55,000.00 from Haverhill taxpayers and the mayor only fired one person
    –A Haverhill cop was found to be literally sleeping on the job and the mayor did nothing and allowed the cop to retire and start collecting a pension.
    –Under Fiorentini’s administration school spending is out of control !!!
    –The mayor scammed taxpayers by needlessly raising taxes 2.5% in FY 2013 and then ended the year with a $3.5MILLION surplus. Instead of returning the money to taxpayers he turned around and handed out pay raises to city administrators.
    –The mayor negotiated a contract to build a new police station that is falling apart just a couple of years after being built and stuck taxpayers to pay for the repairs.
    –The mayor once again, like he did with the Hale Hospital, got the City of Haverhill involved a traditional private sector transaction by developing a piece of real estate downtown that no private real professional would touch for 40 years, and in the process scammed taxpayers to pay for it.

    The list goes on and on Sherwin. Do some digging and get the truth out

    • The Mayor purposely altered a legal document and had it signed under false pretenses, then sent it into the state Dept of Health in order to give credibility to a private company that wants to open a pot dispensary. The mayor should be disbarred for doing that and should have been censored by the city council.