Groveland Voters Create Medical Marijuana Zones, Regulate Library

Groveland Municipal Complex. (File photograph.)

Voters at Groveland annual town meeting Monday night approve, among other things, new town bylaws governing any registered marijuana dispensaries and a library board of trustees.

A majority of town meeting attendees approved an amended zoning bylaw for marijuana dispensaries while unanimous favorable support was cast for a new bylaw Chapter 15 for the Board of Trustees of the Langley Adams Library, according to Groveland Town Clerk Anne Brodie.

Under Article 27, registered marijuana dispensaries would be allowed by special permit from the Groveland Zoning Board of Appeals to locate within the town’s business and industrial districts. Those dispensaries are also subject to meeting requirements outlined in the new “Section 1600” of town zoning bylaws. The restrictions would govern their “design, placement, security, safety, monitoring, modification and removal,” according to documents.

Under its new bylaws, the library board is to be comprised of nine elected, unpaid volunteers serving three-year terms. Three seats are elected annually to the panel, which holds monthly public meetings. Town meeting Article 30 had received favorable support from the Groveland board of selectmen.

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