Groveland Voters to Decide Medical Marijuana, Library Issues

Voters in the town of Groveland will make decisions at the annual town meeting Monday night regarding a proposed zoning amendment, regulating medical marijuana dispensaries; a new town budget; and borrowing for public safety capital improvements, among other items.

Thirty warrant articles going before voters also include an amendment to town general bylaws, creating a new Chapter 15, Board of Library Trustees bylaw, for the organization named “The Board of Trustees of the Langley Adams Library.” The board is to be comprised of nine elected, unpaid volunteers serving three-year terms. Three seats are elected annually. The board holds monthly public meetings and, according to documents, “all decisions of the board are to be made by the board as a collective body and no individual member may make decisions or, with the exception of the chairperson, act or speak for the board unless specifically authorized to do so by a majority vote of the board.” Groveland’s board of selectmen forwarded a favorable recommendation on the new bylaw chapter.

Also, the proposed zoning restrictions for any medical marijuana dispensary would govern their “design, placement, security, safety, monitoring, modification and removal,” according to documents.

Groveland town meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m., Monday, at the Dr. Elmer S. Bagnall School, 253 School St., Groveland.

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